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This got confused…

The Egyptian Goose IPA was around 6%. The Brewery then produced a 4.8% Festival Special. The 6% has been discontinued. I asked for it to be retired but the ABV was just updated. So really the original version should be changed back to 6% (?) and retired, with some recent ratings then transferred to the Festival Special. The latter then needs to be renamed. Please.




This is a double entry for this:


Please name the real entry to just “Piggy” like all the other beers from the brewery. And it is brewed at Hoppy Road.



This should be 6.2% and not 62% :wink:


The 2018 version has the same hops profile, and ABV. Propose to name it as The Bruery Mischief (2017-)


I’ve noticed that there are a handful of beers with Simply Hops listed as a collaborator in the name of the beer. Forgive me if I’m wrong, but aren’t collaborators indicated with a slash in the beer name only supposed to be actual breweries? If so, there are eight beers that need to be fixed in those search results.


There’s a load of Brew Dog bars listed like this as well.


Not an admin but I think both cases are exceptions to the rule are they not?

I think they technically get away with it because of https://www.ratebeer.com/brewers/barth-haas-group-simplyhops/34572/ ?
On Untappd they have a claimed brewery page which might add some credence to this. And they are listed as collaborators on the same beers from your search.

I vaguely remember asking about this in 2017, I think an exception is made for the Collabfest stuff because it’s not really BD themselves collaborating but the bar staff. The ones outside of Collabfest I’ve no idea though.


This details for this beer and ‘commissioner’ appear to be out of date. Capricorn Brands are not referenced, rather it’s Bondi Brands Ltd who appear to be a subsidiary of SABMiller owned Bluetongue Brewery.

Also it’s 4.4% and brewed in Belguim.






Should be A’OK-Oktoberfest. I’m pretty sure that’s how I entered it.


This is a complex story it seems.

2009 - So, they claim they first made their beer somewhere in Sydney in 2009. Okay. Not impossible. There was a Bondi Blonde, Bluetongue’s beer, unrelated allegedly to this, since 2006 (unsure how long after), but a Capricorn Brands Ltd based in Australia registered Bondi for beers and wines that year.

July 2010 - 2 Australians (one of whom is Ross Bennie) and one British citizen start up Capricorn Brands Ltd. in the UK.

2012 - Pete Brown, the beer blogger, slams a shitty advertorial of theirs, later apologizes (partly)

early 2013 - Brown meets them, is apparently convinced that the beer is wonderful - mention that it’s 4% and brewed in Czech Republic. Later claims it’s a top 50 beer in the world or something. hookay.

May 2013 - Ross Bennie is left as the sole director.

September 2013 - entry on Ratebeer - could be that it was rated earlier under other entries.

lOctober 2013 - company name changed to Capricorn Beverage Limited

April 2015 - two new companies, Bondi Brands Limited, and Bondi Brewery Limited are registered in the GB, Ibex House Baker Street , Baker Street, Weybridge, Surrey. Same director as before (Ross Bennie).

October 2016 - a rating mentioning 4.2% abv, potentially not brewed anymore in Czechia

November 2016 - Bennie “retires” from the company, taken over by a Brit.

June 2017 - 3 and 4 other Brits added as directors of both companies.

Now - 4.4%, brewed in Belgium. Apparently the brand is registered / copyrighted to Bondi Brands but the rest is handled by Bondi Brewery.

This particular beer has nothing to do with the Bluetongue beer of the similar name.


Oh man. Another Surrey brewery to tick off. At least I can get it on Beers of Europe!


Thanks for the fixing!


I added this beer under the Unknown Brewery brewery and an admin has changed the brewery to Little Beer Co. It is not brewed by them. They have permission to brew Friary Meux Audit Ale from Coors (or whichever macro it is) and were not pleased to find out about this beer when I tweeted them. It gotta be a rebadged. I wonder if other Pound Pub Co establishments also have a house beer?



I can only find references to the Friary Meux Smooth Bitter being a Carlsberg UK brand, and being 3.2%, and I’ve changed it accordingly so far. @imdownthepub might know better perhaps?


Cheers. Suspect it’s Tetleys. Although the barmaid was insistent that it was Belgian.



This beer is incorrectly labeled as an Imperial/Double IPA when in reality it would be more correct to classify it as a New England/Hazy IPA.
The Two Roads website advertises it as a “Double New England IPA,” it would be most correct to classify it as a NEIPA due to the fact that it is undoubtedly a NEIPA, the ABV isn’t high enough to qualify it as anything but.


I think the idea is to hopefully soon roll out an Double/Imperial NEIPA category, as such, I think most people have been keeping NEIPAs with more than 8% abv (such as this one) in the Imperial IPA category and will switch them en masse when the time comes… hopefully.


Ok I like that, thats a solution I could get behind.


I’ve heard this argument a few times now, but what would be easiest:

  1. Go through all DIPA’s to find out by name/description if they are Hazy/NE, then recategorise them as Double NEIPA
  2. Go through all NEIPA beers and all above a certain ABV threshold would be recategorised as Double NEIPA

I would have thought the latter would be easier for Admins.

So at least for new beers added, I would have thought adding them as NEIPA would make life easier later…


But it puts them in the wrong category now, which we would rather avoid. No idea what the timescale is for adding new styles, so for the moment we would rather things were in the right style rather than making things easier in a hypothetical future.