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Are we trapped in some sort of time matrix? The release date for the style changes is both in the hypothetical future aswell as a few month ago, because there we were told they will be implemented shortly after the survey, even with a date. But as we see „proprieties“ are somewhere else and we dont even get any news about this topic anymore. Come on @joet you and your team can do better!


Said it before but this was one thing that got people really excited. To not even provide an update as to why it hasn’t happened is yet another own goal.


Guessing this is the right topic for it.
Aren’t these two beers the same?:


I think I mentioned this in a thread somewhere in the forums, but the last the admins were told was that Oakes was to double check the proposed list before it could be implemented. Unfortunately, he seems to have gone missing from the forum.


No, from reading the description, they both used different, “their own” cultures for it. Very similar initial recipe, but different beers. And they are referred by the brewery’s themselves as “Jester King’s” and “Jackie O’s” versions of the beer.

So they should be separate.


Could you please combine this:
into this:
because Amulet is a sour IPA


In connection with this, this beer: https://www.ratebeer.com/beer/xp-brew-g-see-vibe/664524/ should be recategorised as as DIPA.


Nah, the 5% version is a “sour farmhouse ale”, aged in oak, with blueberries, hibiscus & rose hips, the 7% version is a Sour IPA with raw wheat, melted oat, milk sugar, blueberries, & hibiscus flowers. They appear to be similar but different beers.


Same beers?



Could remove the ‘Beer Factory’ from the names of first 11 beers for the sake of consistency?



With respect to this beer,

two of the raters noted they had it from the can, meaning the reviews should be moved to this:




Why are they listed as separate beers? They sound the same to me. Shrugs.


One is contracted through a different brewer, which I do not think has mich integrity…


Weird that Untappd members didn’t pick up on that. Oh and somehow again, I managed to tick it by accident. Wrote full review and deleted it to save the integrity of the beer.


And then there’s the 7.7% abv one which is retired?


These three are the same beer. The third one is described as a trial brew but they had it on sale at the brewery last summer so was not just a one off. The other two are Aldi beers, who’ve recently rebranded their ‘craft’ offerings - Queen Bee being the new branding. Suggest that the other two are added as aliases. People may lose Aldi ticks why would you want an Aldi tick?!





Please remove these two duplicates and rename the one with the rating to Volkovskaya Sinyaya Yama (as none of the other beers have translations, one isn’t really needed here):


Please remove this:


I had a brain fart.



Should be “Svetlo” not “Svelto”


The Brooklands Gold is a re-badge of Hop Garden Gold. Confirmed at the brewery.



Note that Hop Garden Gold is down as a Bitter but the description states Golden Ale, which I suspect is why the alias was not set up when I requested it a while back on the UK forum.