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Behemoth is a (great) band, not a brewery. Shouldn’t it be without / , or perhaps not even been mentioned in the name?


Right you are. I assumed (wrongly) that this was one of the breweries by the name. Metal Blade records ran a press release on this, and I was disabused from those notions. I will fix it.


Dogfish Head American Beauty needs some attention. Retire the old one and move a few ratings to the new one. I’d do it but on mobile.


A description, with diacritics and shit.
for https://www.ratebeer.com/beer/wicked-barrel-killer-bunny/680339/



Label is bright magenta pink. See any of the 800+ pics on https://untappd.com/b/stigbergets-bryggeri-wheat-seems-to-be-the-officer-problem-pink-label/3040761/photos
Will be confusing if they actually make a red label next time round. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also Stigbergets is spelt “Stigberget” in these collabs, whereas all their own beers are “Stigbergets”, is it supposed to be like that? Most other collabs use “Stigbergets”.

EDIT: Just saw the Swedish admins on Untappd have kept an entry for both Red and Pink, though every label to me looks pink. Is this one of those colour blindness things like the blue/gold dress thing from a couple of years ago? I will ask what’s going on here as it doesn’t look right to me.


Please remove Abbey Dubbel tag, accidentally clicked while scrolling down.


Should all of these cycle beers be reclassified? Seems like there are several &+, whether this
or this
also the Joyous Almond has a roadtrip entry and a normal.



Rowley Farmhouse Ales has the full name of the brewery as the default for adding new beers, but all but one are listed as simply “Rowley”. The “all but one” is one I added: https://www.ratebeer.com/beer/rowley-farmhouse-ales-no-bu-for-you/702407/210140/
I suggest the shortened name be the default to avoid future problems like this.


There is basically a list of words and phrases that get shortened automatically. It was compiled by someone with little “beer linguistic” skills, with plenty of additions that don’t make any sense (auto shortening for examples with 1 brewery in the database while a similar phrase with tens is ignored), especially when it comes to those pesky “foreign” terms. Cringey to look at, especially since, hey, a veritable army of knowledgeable people was at the maker’s disposal to consult with to compile the terms needed, but was never used.

We the admins were shown that years after it was implemented I reckon, half a year ago tops.

And then, a list of changes and fixes was immediately proposed hours after the list was presented to us. The suggestions were ignored and never implemented AFAIK.


That auto-shortening thing often ignores common company suffixes. For example every time I add a beer for Verdant Brewing Co. It removes ‘Brewing’ leaving ‘Verdant Co’ so you have to remember to delete the ‘Co’ each time or create more work for admins. There are countless other common terms that get partially corrupted like this. I don’t understand why it doesn’t remove the whole term. Especially one as common as “Co” which a ton of English-language companies use.

Anyway, I have a diacritic-laden description for an admin to add.


And here we also see a couple of bugs that are allowed to languish forever - fucked up characters in the bug reporting system & fucked up text formating which causes what you’ve put there to show as an ugly blob of text. But not important since “nobody reads anymore, amirite hurhurhur”.

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If Ratebeer would simply honour linebreaks in the beer description… one can hope…


Got the following through bug report, perhaps someone knows more:

Page Reference: https://www.ratebeer.com/beer/cascade-peche-fume/627019/

Looks like a duplication of




Added under wrong brewer, unless Stockton UK has relocated to Maryland USA ahead of Brexit, it should be listed under:
Saints Row Brewing Company
1211-1213 Taft Street, Rockville, Maryland, USA 20850



This is an IPA, not Stout, as also seen in its definition



Brewed at: Buxton
Description: A special Birthday Cake Ice Cream to celebrate 5 years of Yellow Belly, brewed with vanilla, mango, lemon and passionfruit.


This beer (Bakunin Hit Em Up) has been entered twice under exactly the same name:

Please merge.



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Bought this as it was the first Scottish Ale I’d come across for ages. However it’s down as a Scotch Ale presumably because that’s what the brewry refers to it as. But based on the ABV (and the name itself) it’s a Scottish Ale: