Beers that taste like Coors of the 1970's

I remember the crisp, floral, and even hint of banana flavor of Coors Banquet beer during the 1970s into the early 1980s. It seems that Coors changed the recipe once the beer became distributed to the whole USA in the 1980s and beyond. I miss that distinct flavor and light finish. To me, the most refreshing beer I have ever tasted. Since Coors does not have this beer in their portfolio any longer, are there any suggestions as to what may be a similar tasting beer to this original classic?

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I know exactly what you’re talking about! Have you tried East Brother Beer’s Bo Pils? It’s very light and refreshing, with some subtle floral/citrus notes. It’s only available in California and Texas, but I would highly recommend it.

Could you taste the cold back then?

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Thank you for your reply. I am glad you understand what I am talking about. I’m afraid there are many younger beer drinkers who may never know what this beer was back in the day. Sorry they missed it. I wish that Coors would reissue it, but that won’t happen. They won’t even admit they changed the recipe. I will keep my eyes open for East Brother Beer Bo Pils. Thanks again.

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I had the Coors back in the 70s. It was the Banquet Beer, no? It was being bootlegged into Maryland at the time. It had the push button openings on the top. Us youngsters weren’t impressed with it then! It was cool because it was bootleg and had the buttons on top. They still have their Banquet beer. Probably pretty close if not the same beer you’re thinking of.
Also, plenty of good lagers being made today that are much tastier than Coors ever was.


A couple of years ago, I went to Texas with my friends. We traveled around the world.

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I wasn’t around then, but I remember my dad having fond memories of filling coolers up with Coors to take back to Illinois.

He remembers when Schlitz was good, and is still turned off by the thought of Schlitz partly because of their recipe change, but also their aggressive, tone-deaf media blitz. As he put it, “Drink Schlitz, or we’ll break your face.”

Schlitz did a throwback 1960s formula about 12 years ago that I would have kept buying as my lawnmower beer (before I even had a lawnmower) had they kept making it.

I’ve had a number of per-prohibition lagers that were delicious. Rich, creamy, but still light and crisp, but those are a bit of a different animal than the 50s-70s lagers you’re probably looking for.

Of all the big macros, I think High Life probably tastes the best of the bunch.

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That’s funny. I remember my dad telling me about Bud when he was growing up and how good a beer it was. He was pissed cause they changed the recipe with it also.

Anything you read out there that isn’t anecdotal BS lets you know that beer had a lot more diacetyl and off flavors back in the day. I thought that Schlitz old recipe beer still sucked. Despite most everyone making lame hazy IPAs and flavored stuff, maybe 7% successfully, there seems to be a clear lager revolution going on for the last 5 years or so in the US. Lagers used to kind of suck for the most part here but now I practically expect World Class poured from a side faucet.

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Blame the accountants. I remember Castle Lager in college and how good it tasted. Then they replaced the hops with pellets.

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