Beery Events 2020

Just looking at the line-up for LoveBeer Festival in Kings Cross in Feb. Predominantly b-listers but a load of new brewery ticks for me. A couple that don’t appear to be on here yet:

Just booked my Saturday day session ticket.
A good list of London and Kent brewers
And some not so good Kent brewers like Nelson.

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Nelson you say? Good god yes. Their Nelson’s Blood is probably the most flattest, half arsed beer from a bathtub I’ve ever tasted. Never had a decent beer from 'em. :nauseated_face::face_vomiting:

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Half pints only :cry: scroll past.

Yes. I shall be wandering around like Richie Rich having a taste and pouring the rest onto the floor.

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Only event I’m signed up for … aside from our very own Cotts Convention is Cloudwater friends and family … Friday and first Saturday session.

@RichTheVillan gonna meet me there ?!?

have they stopped serving Cloudwater?

Im going to London over Easter weekend (9-12th April). My initial plan is doing Hackney-Bethnal Green on Friday and Bermondsey on Saturday but if there is any Beery event in London area that weekend please let me know.
Cheers and happy new year.

So far going to the Manchester Beer and Cider Fest 23 Jan as well as the Oliver cider talk/tasting during event. Still looking into Winter Beer Fest at Edwardstone White Horse 15 Feb event runs 14-24 Feb. I’m sure I’ll add some events in 2020 as the job cost me most of 2019.

I’m considering a Hungerford/Reading trip as an alternative to Love Beer (try and tick off four of the last remaining five Berks breweries I need to tick off). However also have the three Eghams on the to do list. And Craft Theory in Reading had now moved to June.

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I think I’m going to try the derby winter beer festival this year as well as my other usual beer festivals (Lincoln, Newark, Peterborough and Nottingham). Not sure about Leicester and York.

Also have planned two days in London in early Feb Hackney on 7th then Bermondsey on the 8th.

7th February White Cliffs BF in Dover will be my first BF of the year. 75 beers and 2 days to drink 'em all.

As I did last year, I may concentrate on day trips rather than beer festivals. I’ve not been to Peterborough festival since 2001, so I may give that priority.

We keep talking about doing a festival on the Continent, but other priorities (family and visa issues) have kept us from doing so. Perhaps 2021 if not 2020.

I may go to the Boutilliers Ashford fest in May.

Indeed the first Kent Craft Celebration in Deal in August 2019 proved very successful. Great time to just chat with the brewers, drink thirds and have a good time. the new proposed one in Ashford should have more space and will be dead easy to get to, 100 metres from the train station in Ashford.

Is there another one in Deal planned ? Anything in the Sandwich area let me know as can tie in with visit to Sharons brother who lives in Worth.

Deal is August.

bugger … probably scuppers it and probably why it wasn’t mentioned to me by the BIL last year … they are school teachers and usually hire a villa in Spain/Portugal for 3 weeks for the bulk of August!

I am off to Brugge for their Beer Festival early Feb and have a hotel booked for the Hull CAMRA Beer Festival in May. That’s it so far (plus Cotteridge).


Tamworth Beer Festival in early September. 80 odd cask beers plus a dozen apple or pear juices.
Always a good fest for scooping in new breweries plus a load of specials from local brewers. I should be working there too!