Belfast 2019

I started a thread in travel but shold have here probably. anyways i’ll be in this corner of UK come Q1 2019

I’d be interested in what you find Jow, I’ll be there and in Londonderry in July.

Oh you’ll get to experience the bonfires in Derry on the 12 of July!

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@Jow, please post on here your findings. I am in Belfast for a day in September this year (off a cruise ship) and would love to hear of your experiences and where you drank.


Or just ask me…

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I’ve visited in November last year and have just finished reviewing a dozen places from that visit so check my place ratings for more info.


Everywhere I went I would choose a beer and it seems you were there and just rated same exact thing. From random stuff like Macardles Ale at the Nook outside Giants Causway to beers at athe Sunflower and in Dublin as well. Maybe you just drank and rated everything on entire island so not coincidence or we have similar tastes. I may go through my rates and get the official list but it happened like 5 times during my trip.

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Hahaha I guess just a coincidence. Also selection of beers in Ireland which is not that great probably helped :slight_smile:

Lots of small pack only brewers as very little tap space

F@Beersiveknown, my good lady and I arrive on Friday 6th September. Ship departs at 19:30, so looking at afternoon drinking and beer shopping.

Can we walk into the City centre from the Cruise Terminal and which places should we try and visit for local beers?



rolls eyes it takes going on a cruise to come and visit. Yes its walkable but you’d have more drinking/ shopping time if you grabbed an uber. Would head straight to ormeau road and hit errigle inn (go to the oak bar if open) and northern lights, then back into town for bittles bar and sunflower, thats a good variety of establishments and guaranteed a few locals in each. If you had time woodworkers is worth a look but think you may be pushing it. Crown is a classic interior with a few okay beers you may want to allow time for a half and a nose about - one afternoon doesn’t really give you much time!

Too far away to know if I’ll be free - if I came up after work I’d probably only get an hour with you before you had to get back to ship

Cheers for your pub suggestions, would be good to meet up, but as you intimated, it would be a ‘minimal’ time together; let’s see nearer the time if you fancy a pint with me and my good lady.

The cruise is around the UK, we decided on it because we seem to have traveled abroad, but missed so much of our own islands. For a pretty ‘good’ price we get to see Portsmouth, Hull, Kirkwall (Orkney’s), Stornaway (Outer Hebradies), Tobermory (Isle of Mull), Belfast, Dublin, St Mary’s on the Isles of Silly and St Peter’s Port on Guernsey. All new places apart from Portsmouth and Hull.

Should be a place reviewing and beer rating frenzy for me (wife willing).


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That’s a lot of interesting places. You should try and get to Highland park.distillery when in Kirkwall…that’s on my bucket list

We lived in Morayshire in the 1980’s and visited plenty of distilleries, but I will check out Highland Park before we set off and see if they are open on the day of our visit. Always nice to see and smell whisky being distilled. Cheers for the suggestion.

The cruise line is offering a tour of Scapa Distillery and the South Island (for £49:00 each), think we’ll give that a miss, just like all their other ‘Shore Excursions’.