Belfast in 2019

Looks like I’ll be in Belfast for work for a week end of February beginning of March. I’m sure my colleagues will be taking me out some nights, but i’ll have some free time as well including a weekend. Open to ideas and suggestions looks like we don’t have ton of coverage here as far as place ratings and stuff go. Any beer fests or anything this time of year since I have flexibility with timing. I’ll probably be staying at AC Hotel by Marriott on River Lagan.

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Enjoy! I lived there for a few years and loved it. Beer wise it surely has changed a lot and I can’t say too much. Make sure to rent a car one weekend and visit a few places. The North has a lot to see. The Glens of Antrim and Giant’s Causeway are great.

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If I stay in current role this may be a place I visit every once in a while indefinitely so I am sure looking all NI has to offer, then if you start looking into layovers in other cities on route the possibilities are endless. Most flights from here stop in Glasgow or Manchester.

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Have you been to Belfast before?

Nope not yet first go round. I’ve had but one Northern Irish beer to date as well

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Maybe @Beersiveknown can help you.

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Belfast has some amazing gardens/parks. The Botanic Gardens are awesome. I used to love jogging along the river and into the Ormeau Park. It’s a gritty city, and obviously the war is omnipresent. But it is also a young and vibrant city with college students, tourists and locals looking for some good craic.

Hiya Jow. Am based near Dungannon. Maybe a possibility for a bottle share one weekend. Belfast has about 5 decent craft beer places and 1 very good bottle shop. Woodworkers, bottles, sunflower, northern lights and errigle plus the vineyard

Worth a day trip to Derry 2 brewpubs and another couple of bars with optional stop in Portrush for lacada beers in Kiwis.
The time of year you’re here weather won’t be particularly nice so recommend Indoors stuff!

DM me if you need more Info or when dates firmed up (I’m not on the forums much these days thanks Taboada for tagging me!)


Thanks I’ll let you know once solid. Yea hopefully I’ll be back again in nicer weather since I’m big into outdoor activities. I am from northern US originally so I won’t freeze to death like my other Florida colleagues who’ve made trip.

Final dates 3/18-3/23 then taking bus down to Dublin for 3/24 and flying home from there 3/25. exciting times

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Only just seen this. For some reason I didnt get and email about it. Ahh you’re missing at Patrick’s. I’m away at the end of that week so probably can’t make it to Belfast but welcome to head to Dungannon and can take you to local bottleshop and share a few beers at mine.

doubt I’ll make it over to Dungannon this go round since quite a few work obligations with minimal free time but certainly interested if future trips occur. Thanks for the advice i’ll probably check out most recommendations in Belfast. Quick question do most bars offer wi-fi? Any food related gems i should seek out? dishes or spots?

Yeah most places should have WiFi though not many hotspots outside of venues
Food wise boojum do excellent burritos, copi for Sicilian cichetti (duck Ragu is fab). if you can get a reservation ox is fab (Michelin starred but unpretentious) and ox cave next door do good small plates with wine/sherry. Merchant a must for cocktails. Established for brunch/ snacks and fabbciffee. We’refoodies so if there’s something specific you’re after let me know!
Woodworkers does decent food (and tasting flights which often work out much cheaper as fixed price rather than priced/ beer)
A good trip is ormeau road, plenty of food and drink places, northern lights (Galway bay bar), errigle (go to Oak room at back for cask, crowler takeouts from some taps) and vineyard (offlicence with growler fills)

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Sweet thanks. yea I found Ox on my own but since I’m solo without the wife may be a bit odd to eat at that caliber a joint by myself but still debating. Does look excellent and reasonably priced although a bit more than my companies T&E policy so it’d be out of pocket.

As for the 24hrs I’ve given myself in Dublin that’ll be tough choices of what makes the itinerary.

Oh definitely worth going out of own pocket. Get company to pay for the pre dinner drinks :wink:

Yeah I usually get a couple nights in Dublin and even then barely scratch the surface. Can do a decent central pub crawl though - off train at Connolly
Jw sweetman (porter is fab)
Palace bar (trad whisky place)
Porterhouse temple bar

A meal at 57 the headline of l Mulligan grocer (both have fab beer selection) - the latter has drinkstore opposite for takeaways/ train beers

I’m going to be there next week, well tuesday the 26th in Galway, Wed Derry maybe belfast then dublin for a few days. But I guess you won’t be there till later in March.

It would’ve been easier to just hang out when you were in Florida two weeks ago, haha. I will be at Avid Brewing more than likely in April since going to Rays game which I see you rated (I added brewery to database I believe). So i’ll just keep being a few steps behind you globe trotting along

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Hahaha.ya, they were nice guys at Avid, but man that beer…

I should do a better job of advertising future travel destinations here though. One day we’ll have a beer.

Thanks for non beer recommendation.
Coworkers took me to boojam for lunch
Than I did pre dinner drink at The Merchant very friendly bartender we hit it off on slow night. Local Belfast Gin.

Then went to Copi for dinner and got duck ragu on your recommendation, delicious.


Glad you enjoyed yourself. Hope you made it to a few beer places too!