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Belfast in 2019

What are the breweries/bars in Derry? I found Walled City online but they seem to be closed on Mondays when we will be there.

I sure did grabbed 42 beer ratings and 15 places between Belfast and Dublin. Focused mostly on trying new Northern Irish breweries so moved up that list nicely. tried Some great local gins and some Irish whisky as well.


Also added 1 new Northern Irish brewery called Norn Iron I was a touch tipsy so didn’t do the best job but handsome bottles beer I had was just ok interesting though.

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Yeah they’ve only recently got their license, tried their “homebrew” 18months ago. Not really been doing much admining…

Yeah gin and whiskey both big, will have to take a look at your reviews

Yeah not all that many places tbf. A few breweries nearby but no opportunity to visit with current laws. Your best bet is blackbird on Foyle street which has dirty dicks as it’s house brewers (my friend brews for them) I’ve never been there. Not much more craft beer wise in Derry. You could visit Portrush by train and to to kiwis bar or coleraine for fairleys. Look out for lacada beers and Kinnegar from donegal

Did well to move up the below list. Talking to my boss does seem I’ll be back, happy days. I really enjoyed the city overall

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