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Belgium is next to have its own region split.

Since it will need some updating work, I have a question:

I see there’s some cities listed using their Dutch names instead of the english name. (for example, we get both ANTWERPEN and ANTWERP in places right now). What is the consensus on that?

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I think we should go with the English name, otherwise we’ll have French and Flemish cities in Belgium (just like they actually do!).


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Seems like most are listed using the Dutch name rather than the English name right now.

It’s a difficult choice, glad I am not really the one to make the decision.


Just wanted to comment that places part seems to be broken at the moment. I have rated a lot of places in Brussels, but it doesn’t show properly at the moment (only Antwerpen is working).

And IMHO go with the names that (English) google uses. If anyone complains google can be blamed :smiley:


I spoke to a long standing Belgian Admin about this. He believes that that anglisised versions of the regions should be used which is what we have but he also believed that the locals version of the cities / towns would cause least arguments.

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@JorisPPattyn would be a good chap to ask.


Also, I am working through the Breweries alphabetically, I can pick them up again tomorrow, I have got as far as Brasserie du Silly.

working on it, should be okay in 5 min

He has left us unfortunately, but I have spoken to him.

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Ok, for Belgium Places, I did all MAJOR CITIES and letter “A” cities so far.


Very excited that this sounds imminent!

I don’t mind if we use the local place names or Anglicised ones. However, don’t a lot of the places have both French and Flemish spellings of their name (ie Antwerpen/Anvers, Brussel/Bruxelles)?

Given the dual local spellings, wouldn’t we have to have both listed (possibly separated by a backslash) if we were going for local place names? This could get very messy - it might be best for comprehensibility if we used Anglicised ones instead where possible.

However, above all I think it should be up to current Belgian users to decide (if we have any?).

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Ok so for to moment, let the city names as they are (unless they are duplicates under different names… I merged the few Antwerp to Antwerpen for instance) until we finished adding regions to all entries .

Then, once we reached an agreement on this, @services should be able to change the city names with a script instead of manually changing them all one by one.

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I’d say English makes sense, as that is what the rest of the world outside of Benelux / France uses. Those that use an alternate version of the names also reference the English spelling outside of their own language, so there’s no real confusion.


Great work, looking forward to see results.

Aight, various big cities and every brewery starting with N and below sorted. Now need to get back home :slight_smile:


My small contribution is the 10 breweries starting with a K. (slow doing this on a mobile)


Very exciting watching the number of Belgian provinces I’ve rated grow as more and more breweries are sorted!

A huge thanks to everyone involved in this. :grinning:

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“B” et “C” cities for Belgium Places are done.

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