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I cannot shake the feeling this could’ve been automated through postal codes, with a list being generated for us of those that did not compute for checking out and fixing. It looks fairly damn easy!

@services @joet what do you think?


This is awesome. I seem to have all 11 regions… Even Liege thanks to Val Dieu!

Flemish Brabant definitely the most I’ve got at 45, thanks to the lambics there

If this is accurate then it should be pretty simple to script it up.


It is. I continued adding things manually, have not encountered any exception, other than those missing numbers of course.

Basically looking at a four digit string (because sometimes they will be stated as BXXXX or BE-XXXX or something. Skipping the ones with added states, populating those without, populating a page we can check out with breweries and places that are set to Belgium but have no postal code. That’s basically it I reckon?

Completed the few breweries starting with I and J (some were already done). Except:


How do you see the unlisted ones? I can help, not an admin but I think I can edit places?

Agree with @Marko, for the last ten or so I checked against that list and all of them matched.

the only way right now to see if a place is okay is the TOP LINKS on the place page
Places / Belgium / Region / City
instead of Places / Belgium / City

or on the city page, you replace the region number in the URL by 0 and you check if there’s a missing places in the first URL compared with the second url.



As soon as a region is added for 1 place for a single city, all the other cities are not visible in the city page regular url from the country directory

L and below cleared out for breweries. If IJK are done, that’s pretty good. Wouldn’t push too hard if services is providing a solution.

Thanks everyone for doing this; I am already checking my stats for the 11 regions you have installed, lowest one has me with 11 beers, highest on 104, but I expect them all to grow as more breweries are added.


Okay so for those postal codes that were purely numeric, they have all been done with places (will need to do brewers later)

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Ah, pity you couldn’t make it work just to look at numbers and disregard other text @services .

Found a bug, however. East Flanders is not showing up as a region on city pages



where Limburg is clearly seen.

Update: hmm… seems to be random where things are seen or not at times.

Anyway Places O to S done. Also did Z.

Still plenty of work to be done on all fronts.

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Yeah needs more SQL knowledge then I have, however for those starting that weren’t just numbers, I manually went through them and updated. There were two places that just had city names for postcodes. I haven’t updated them. And there are quite a few with no postcode at all.

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Where are you guys seeing this list of stuff to be done? The alphabetical list I mean?

When going through Cities in the Country page, check the number of entries affiliated to the city (only viewable on desktop view I think), if it doesn’t match the number of entries in the actual city page (not counting closed places), you have to replace the region number by 0 in the city URL to display the places that are still missing their region

In theory that was a very good idea, but in practice, it wasn’t because for every city page with a least 1 updated city, all the not-updated cities won’t show anymore unless you double check the url replacing the region number by zero.

Belgium Places cities fixed A to G

Is it possible to change this page jercraigs' from Toronto user profile and beer ratings | RateBeer.com

So that at the top there where it currently says “Regions/Province” it would say “Regions/Country/Province” and both Regions and Country would be clickable?

It seems like that’s maybe not how it’s coded right now?

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