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Bell's sold

Bell’s sold to Kirin

That is unfortunate news.

Surprisingly unsurprising.

Just more reason to support my locals. Can’t wait ti see the landscape in another decade.

Is it a reason to support your locals?

Can’t begrudge someone their retirement and compensation for the business built to a fair extent by their talent and effort. Is there a way to do this without selling out to the likes of Lion? If the business has gone well for a fair while, it’s hard for anybody else to be able to buy in and that’s a shame.

Had a Kalamazoo Stout earlier in the week. Still a fine drop.

I see someone was pretty quick off the mark editing the brewery’s name.

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For what its worth, it doesn’t seem like Kirin drives breweries into the ground or makes their beer worse like certain Brazilian/Belgian conglomerates… Brooklyn seems to still be Brooklyn… not that I had too many recently.

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Lion has been a thing here for decades, so we’ve more acquisitions to think about. Little Creatures? Their Pale Ale is still great (although less fashionable) but they haven’t really introduced anything [else] really good on a wide scale. Emerson’s (NZ) used to be available in Aus, hasn’t been since the takeover. Panhead (NZ) - now brewed in various place around Australia - for freshness, you understand - and IMHO some signs of a drop off in quality.

The usual thing is that they can’t help themselves. They don’t mean to fuck it up but they do. They produce where they have spare capacity. They close little facilities. They rationalise procedures and get more reliable yeast. Some ingredients are not the same but close, and surely good enough. And then the brewery is just a brand name on a can and nothing more.


Damn. I love expy. Hope this doesn’t spell supreme change for that recipe.

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