Berlin around New Years Day

We will be in Berlin from around December 28th and returning to NYC around January 5. We will have a rental car, so we can do travelling. Radeburger is one of my favorites, but I’ve rarely met a beer I didn’t like. We are interested in brewery tours or must visit beer spots. Thanks in advance!

Just check the places section for Berlin on RateBeer. Plenty of stuff to do a nice (brew)pub crawl. Was there a few years back with NYE and did just that, loved it. Rent a bike and go around town. Enjoy!

Some places to visit:

Muted Horn

Thank you for the suggestions! Is that in any order of recommendation?

I think that’s the best order - but you should sort according to opening-times :slight_smile: Muted Horn always opens in the evening, Stone is open from early noon on f.ex.

Have fun!!!

And in the surrounding you can think of a day-trip to Dresden (beautiful city and some nice beers as well). Leipzig is also nice (probably a long day-trip for both - thats works fine). And Leipzig has with Bayerischer Bahnhof a nice Gose-pub. But in between theres not much worth leaving the Autobahn…

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As Erzengel said, ist sort of the best order. Stone is definitely an experience I would do even given ist quite a trip outside the City Center. But what they built up is an awesome Location.

I want to add BRLO Brewhouse, great Location, great beers.

For surroundings: Dresden is about 2:30h drive, Leipzig the same, Hamburg is 3hours. If you havent been to Poland, it is about 1:30 to cross the border, and to Stettin about 2hours. Havent been there, but might be interesting for you?

Potsdam is wort visiting aswell, but not really beerwise.

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