Berliner Weisse sort out

Over the last month or so, I’ve systematically gone through every Berliner Weisse I could find to check styles. I’ve changed about 4000 or so to new styles, but there’s plenty I couldn’t find descriptions for anywhere, but maybe you remember drinking it. Can you go through Berliner Weisse you have rated / top in your region etc., and either change them yourself if you have the power, or paste the links here for me to change? Be on the lookout for Berliner Weisse - Flavored, IPA - Sour, Sour / Wild - Dark and others.


Tactical Crayon Eater should be moved to Flavored. thanks for doing lords work

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This is Flavored:

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Thanks for taking on such a gargantuan task! Can you change the following beer to “Sour/Wild - Dark”?


What are everyone’s thoughts on this:

Sour/Wild - Dark or Berliner Weiss

Funnily enough I was wondering a similar thing about Black Kölsch. Seem to be set up with a 50/50 split between Kölsh and Schwarzbier.

I think dark sour. Berliner Weiss is a pretty specific traditional style, and turning it black breaks that, whereas a black berliner is both sour and dark so fits that style very well.

I’m with @explosivedog, let’s leave Berliner Weiss as pure as possible (with added raspberries or woodruff). Too many breweries messing around with the basic beer and claiming it’s a Berliner Weiss.