Bermondsey 7th April

After a bit of prompting by Leighton the last time I saw the London crew, I thought I’d let you all know that I will be doing the Bermondsey run in less than 12 parsecs on Saturday 7th April.

Usual timetable, but times are more approximate as the day goes on…
0940 Kernel
1000 Bottle Shop (depends on number of tap scoops)
1100 A&H
1130 London Barrel Project/Hawkes/Maltby Street Market/All Good Beer
1300 Moor and Brew By Numbers
1400ish Spartan, Eebria, Affinity, Partizan
If I’m still upright then Fourpure late afternoon.

Happy to share/meet up with anyone along the way. Even if it’s just to help share some rates to keep me going.

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You could use a minder.

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Well it looks like I will be drinking full pours of everything myself. I will be wearing my extra strong knee and elbow supports just in case I fall over. Again.

Well I am sat at TrAshford rly station waiting to go. Quite excited really. Haven’t done Bermondsey for a few weeks. Interested to see what new Kernels and BBNO I can buy to take home in bottle.
Will I make it out of the first section and down to Partisan? Well it’s all in the lap of the gods.
All I know is that I must not finish with 3 imperial stouts or I will end up at the bottom of the stairs at Stratford again.

Who will I meet?

Will I remember to stack bottles at bottom of the bag and cans at the top so the cans dont split?

It’s mild. Rain has stopped. Primroses are out on the north facing embankments. Always my maternal grandmothers favourite flower.
If Bermondsey is like my train then it’ll be empty. Holiday periods are always funny.

A good start at Kernel. 4 new beers for me including a freebie from the boxes in the back. Such nice people and happy to go hunting down obscure beers for me.

Oh plus the gen that Partizan have a beer festival from 12.00 today. Shiiiiiiitttttttt

Now in The Bottle Shop. First customer. Some new Bohem and Cloudwater beers on tap for me.

Twice recently I have been asked what Untappd is saying today as I am looking at my phone at the bar. I reply that I am old school and still on Ratebeer. “Oh” they say. And then wander away.

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Just picking out half a dozen cans to take away with me. Mix of Marble Cloudwater and 3 new Americans for me.

Burning Sky taps upstairs at Bottle Shop!!! Awesome. …

Then Fergus turns up yay!!

Then Ken turned up!!!

And Leighton is at Brew By Numbers !!!

I am not alone.

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Anspach and Hobday with 2 sampler trays me Ken Fergus and Leighton . Hard core rating

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As someone who’s yet got around to doing the mile, I find the line “… not done one for a few weeks,” slightly offensive:)


Sorry I couldn’t get down to the mile today. Just got back from a few days in Lancashire yesterday evening and heading off for a week in Prague tomorrow, so too much to do.

After 4 beers at Brew By Numbers the team split. Fergus and LEighton to Partizan . Ken and I went to BrewDog 7 Dials and Soho chasing unbelievably good ipa and dipa from Bearded Iris

Thanks to Fergus for the tip 7 new beers at M&S Oxford Street

Well 28 beers later and 24 in bottle and can to drink at home that’s over 50 new beers in one day, I am sat having a coffee at St Pancras waiting for the train home.
Thanks to Fergus Leighton and Ken for being amazing company and supplying top level gen.
Thanks in particular to Ken for spending part of his honeymoon with me. Those moments in BrewDog 7 Dials will live long in the memory.
Cheers all
I am now going home to sleep it all off