Bermondsey Saturday 13th October

Hi guys.
I´m planning a weekend in London for next month. I will arrive on Friday morning (12th October) and leaves on Sunday (14th).

My plan is doing pubcrawl on Friday and Bermondsey on Saturday.

I´m travelling alone and for my first time to Bermondsey so any tip will be very welcome. Also, if anyone wants to pop up and share a couple of beers or even join me in the Friday Pubcrawl/Saturday Bermondsey Tour I will be very happy! Just comment here or shoot me a BM.


Friday Pubcrawl planned:

  • Experiment in Hackney
  • St. John at Hackney Brewery
  • Cock Tavern Hackney
  • London Fields Brewery Tap Room Hackney
  • Redchurch Brewery Tap Room Bethnal Green
  • Mother Kelly’s Tap Room (E2) Bethnal Green
  • Well and Bucket Shoreditch
  • BrewDog Shoreditch
  • Craft Beer Co - St Mary Axe Aldgate
  • BrewDog Tower Hill Tower Hill

Obviously, it is subject to change if anyone wants to join.

I won’t be around but looks like a good schedule you have.

I would suggest one swap tho’ - get rid of the well and bucket. I’ve not been for a year but the selection on my last few visits was rather average.
Go here instead … it’s also on the way between MK and BD Shoreditch,

More taps and a much better list on offer including many bottles/cans.

Yeah, Kings Arms it´s a top notch! I was there in January and I liked a lot.

Now, I just need to look for a hotel near Bermondsey (maybe Whitechapel) and check the opening hours for a complete schedule.

I have just saw this event.

It´s takes place all the weekend. Anyone has any reference about it? It seems to take place in a pizzeria so maybe could be a good spot for lunch but it´s a bit far away from Hackney, around 45 mins according Google Maps and the entry fee is 15 pounds for only 2 tokens and a glass!!

Is that place still open? Haven’t been there in years. They are on my black list anyways, so I’d probably skip that one and replace it with this one -> Deviant & Dandy Brewery which is very near the experiment.

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Thank you! Added to the list.

So, maybe something like this:

[Hackney Area]
13:00h The Cock Tavern
14:30h St. John
17:00h Deviant and Dandy
18:00h The Experiment

30 mins walk to [Bethnal Green]

19:30h Redchurch Brewery
20:30h Mother Kellys
21:15h Kings Arms

30 mins walk to [Aldgate]
22:30h Craft Beer Co St. Mary Axe
23:15h Brewdog Tower Hill till late.

Aaand the Bermondsey Schedule for Saturday, something like this:

10.00 Bottleshop Bermondsey
11.00 Anspach & Hobday
11.30 London Barrel project
12:15 Brew By Numbers
13.00 Ubrew
14.00 Spartan
14:30 Eebria
15:30 Affinity
16:00 Moor
16.30 Four pure

Looks good?
Thank you. Cheers!

More time at Spartan … surely :sunglasses:

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Yeah. It´s all too tight because everything seems to close at 17:00.
I will need a local guide for not get lost myself! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Moor is in between London Barrel Project and Brew by Numbers geographically.

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Cloudwater Tap room will be open by then too. in between Brew By Numbers and Kernel I guess.

Spartan is dog shit. Don’t waste your time and money.

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Maybe not … Wingman was in Manchester last weekend …they estimate a November opening !

Ok. Thank you.
If Cloudwater Taproom is open by then…schedule will change for sure!! I was in their Manchester Taproom and I liked it a lot (a little expensive though, especially the merch).

I could skip Spartan and add more time to FourPure but Spartan would be a New Brewery tick for me :thinking:

One more question about the taprooms, Do they accept cash or just credit cards?


Most take card for sure … I would almost say all but haven’t been to Spartan so can’t comment on them.
Just take a little cash with you but you probably won’t need to use it.

Oh and Spartan vs Fourpure … I went to Fourpure last month for the first time this year and picked up 7 ticks … all 3.4-3.7. They do tasting flights also. Budget plenty of time there … theres 15 to.20 taps.

Spartan aren’t that good beer wise … budget 10 minutes … grab one beer to tick the Brewery but spend the rest of the time you’d have budgeted at Spartan at Fourpure!

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Yeah! Ticking attitude!! I like it.
Any recommendation about breakfast spot near The Bottleshop?

Look up Maltby Street Market.

It’s a food market the other side of the same railway arch 2 or 3 minutes away.

I’ve had lunchtime snacks there but never breakfast so no particular recs.

I always grab a Wetherspoon breakfast before a day in bermondsey.

Cheap, filling and beer to tick from 8 am!

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Yeah. And maybe with a Jersey county tick for me according to their “Real Ale and Cider Festival” (10-21 Oct.) lineup “Among our SIBA award-winning festival ales are the golden Liberation IPA (4.8% ABV) from Liberation Brewery in the Channel Islands”

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Just for information, it is still open & still selling London Fields beers but just the standard stuff as far as I can tell. We went a few weeks back, almost by accident when we were in the Hackney area with Kim Johansson. He mentioned a place called The Tap Room he’d like to have a look at. I thought it must be a new place and it wasn’t until we were very close that I twigged it was the old London Fields gaff. I then thought it might have changed into something else. It hadn’t.

I’m not even sure where the London Fields beers are produced these days.