Bermondsey Saturday 7th July

Hi All

It’s my birthday on the weekend of the Saturday 7th July. So i’m heading, with my best mate, to Bermondsey. Already meeting up with @harrisoni early doors 9:40ish at Bermondsey Tube Station, before heading to… well probably the Bottleshop first.

I will post some pics on here, and try to check in / live rate as much as possible, but if your going to be around let me know.


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Kernel first stop to pick up some bottles between 9.45 to 10.00
10.00 Bottle Shop
11.00 Anspach
11.30 London Barrel project/Hawkes/Modern Beer co/Hiver may stop at one or more just to see what’s on
13.00 Moor/BBNO
14.30 eebria affinity Partizan
16.00 Four pure
Obviously it’s Mr Pink’s day so timetable subject to change so we will update timings during the day.

Can’t do this Saturday.

@harrisoni … can you plant the seed of a rot box with the guys at kernel for the shindig weekend?

yeah no worries

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Looks like a great plan!

Given England’s win tonight I am guessing we will have the whole of Bermondsey to ourselves on Saturday afternoon

Be wary of that Ian as I’m sure someone told me some of the breweries were lining up big screens!

Yes I can see Fourpure doing that as they have the space.
I would quite like to see at least some of the game as England now have a decent chance to reach a semi final

Photo’s Ian?

I have never done that mile thingy, so would love to see some pics of it.


I will do if someone tells me how to get pics onto a Forum thread???

I thought it was me who was behind the times mate, I now see there are two of us!

Testing testing
Harbour Little Wave
One Mile End Dockers Delight
Lees and Northern Monk Summer Pale

3 rates for me this evening at local micro pub.


I will also try and post a few pics of the day. I find it easier on the new forums than the old!


Can for the train to London.

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It’s a bloody hot day for it … not sure I’ve done the Bermondsey crawl on a hotter one than this !

Need to take on plenty of liquids to make sure we don’t dehydrate

at Kernel to pick up some bottlesbottles


Chris at The Bottle Shop with the new fridges

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Just got to Anspach & Hobday

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