Best Beer Made in DC

It’s Right Proper Diamonds, Fur Coats and Champagne. Anything else is lesser.

Bold take.

Putting aside my numerical ratings on here, it’s hard to disagree. It’s definitely one beer I like to revisit when I come across it because it’s just as good the first time I had it as it is now. I can’t say that about many beers over the years.

I like Bluejacket a lot, but I think Right Proper is probably the strongest and has been the most consistent brewery inside DC from opening until present day.

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It’s in a 4-way tie for 2nd on my personal DC ratings, but as someone who hasn’t lived in the DMV in more than a decade I’m probably not the foremost expert on DC beer scene…

Re-rate of the DC Brau stuff would not fare well.

I did not like RP Eno, but either way, it hasn’t been brewed in a couple of years.

I’ve had a few dozen beers in DC I’ve rated higher (4.2 to 3.9), but Diamonds is wildly drinkable at 3.8% and consistent batch over batch.

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For sure, that why I posted the dates, my DC beer knowledge is probably all out of date. I visit the area a couple times a year (when visiting was still a thing), but haven’t made it out to many of the beer bars / breweries in years. Don’t remember much about those 5 beers other than On the Wings of Armageddon had a brief run as a hype beer.

Oh yeah, not hating on old rates. I’m guilty of a few that wouldn’t stand the test of time (Beer Geek Breakfast as a 4.8 in 2007 and/or Avery Mephistopheles 4.6 in 2006).

It’s interesting to see a lot of folks liked Right Proper Eno. I had an aged keg at the brewpub and did not like it.

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My top three are all RP too, but more obscure one offs it looks like. Wild Bees, The teeth of the Lion that rule the divine and Modernist. But ya, in terms of beers that are actually ever available, Diamonds is pretty solid. I do find myself drinking that again sometimes when deez tickz aren’t available. And to be honest, I usually don’t prefer sours, especially made in the U.S., over just about any other style. I can appreciate them as a beer nerd, but would rarely order one as a pint while watching a hockey game, for example. Belgian stuff and Allagash are basically the only consistent exceptions to that rule for me, so the fact that I have drank Diamonds again and again says something.

I do miss living a few blocks from Right Proper. Blue Jacket has gotten a lot better since they hired the new brewer (a couple years ago??) though. Especially in the trendy IPA categories. DC Brau still has a couple of solids, then 3 Stars is way down on my list. I also can’t believe I had a Bardo beer I liked. Must have been drugged.

Hellbender and Atlas also don’t make much of a showing on my top 100 dc brews - just a couple.

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I didn’t mind Eno but nothing super special. Easy drinking.
Also, looks like Diamonds ranks third overall in DC: