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Best Beer Places in the World

Just had a look at the list on here: https://www.ratebeer.com/places/browse/ click on ‘Highest Rated Places’ and the first 50 turn up, you get a red tick if you’ve reviewed it.

Have a go and see if you’ve been drinking in the best places (as reviewed on RateBeer) and let us all know.

I got excited as I have been to 11 of them, so I checked the next 50 and then the next, got to the 500th ‘best place’ and gave up.

45 hits out of the first 500, so 9% of them; not too shabby and I can visit a few more in that 500 by this time next year if I am lucky.


Anyone actually trying to visit the top 50 or has done? @Travlr


Top50 - 6

Top500 - 23

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12 of the top 50
74 of the top 500

I somehow thought I would have visited more. Pretty cool.

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Been to 17 out of the top 50.
84 out of the top 500.

No real plans at the moment for visiting more of the top places.

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Top 50 - 6
Top 500- 35

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25 out of the top 50 and none of the homered ones in my list!

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5 of the top 50. Two were my hometown bars in Atlanta, and they’re worthy. Only 16 of the top 500.

I’ve got a new RB stat geek goal, now. Thanks, @BlackHaddock

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I’m at 11 but I intend to make it to 12 tonight.

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21/50 and 112/500. Not bad I guess.

Even he was missing 6 or seven when he left.

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Rated 14, have 3 in backlog and been to 2 more before I was on Rb out of top 50.

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1 of Top 50 (Jester King) and I loved it

7 of Top 500. Only one place within 150 miles of me.

With my planned trips for 2019, looks like I’ll be getting 3 more so I’ll have 10 Top 500 places by year end. Looking at this makes me wonder how I’ve had so much good stuff but never really focused on beer when I travel.

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I have reviewed 10 of the top 50 and 60 of the top 500. I would have added to that number with some American reviews, however it is probably over ten years ago since I last visited the states and I am not going to retrospectively add reviews to places from that long ago, so for now it is a very European collection of reviews, (see actual breakdown below)

England 27
Netherlands 12
Belgium 12
Scotland 3
Germany 2
Sweden 2
Italy 1
Spain 1

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6 of top 50
48 of top 500

I do not have a plan to visit as many top places as possinle. I visit any place worth rating where I happen to be.

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Having had a good look at my 45 hits in the top 500 I have to admit some are a surprise.

How has Barcelona got 9 bars I have visited into the top 500?

The two bars from Rome on my list shouldn’t be anywhere near the top 500 bars in the world, fine though they are, same with the German 3 I have.

Full List.
England 10
Barcelona 9
Belgium 8
California 7
Czech Republic 3
Germany 3
Italy 2
Scotland 2
Netherlands 1

Nice spread, but some ‘homers’ in there for sure.



Only 3 in the top 50, and 34 in the top 500. I’ve not rated many places internationally so my options have been a bit limited.

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5 from top 50. Two extra I could’ve visited if they were open (Torst was opening a few days after my last New York visit, Akkurat was closed the few days I was in Stockholm). Scrolling through the rest of the list shows how little I used to review places. Reckon I’ve been to approximately 31 in the top 500, but rated about half of them. Sure I’ll visit many of them again.

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9 out of top 50 and about 28 from top 500.

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At 6/50 and 49/500

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Inspired me to check how many places in Budapest made the list (top 500) since I am waiting for my flight there now.

3 in total, 2 of which I visited last time, might just see if I have time to swing by on thia trip to the third.

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