Best British Pub in America?

So I live in an area that’s just being developed and I was at a community meeting last night, and among the new restaurants being announced in my neighborhood is a British Pub. That’s all I know about it but I started fantasizing about what I would want out of this establishment since I’ll be able to walk/bike/take golf cart to/ or maybe water taxi right there.

So my question is whats your favorite British Pub in America?

My Top 3:

  1. Jones Wood Foundry - NYC, NY - This isn’t in database here, but has small beer selection that’s just ok but in handsome building and amazing food. Best Fish & Chips I’ve ever had and the meat pies they make are to die for.

  2. The Olde English Pub and Pantry - Albany, NY - Apparently oldest building in Albany great decor decent beer sometimes cask ale.

  3. Pints Pub Brewery & Freehouse - Denver, CO - Amazing Scotch selection, nice decor, some cask beer.

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I said in America so “favorite”. yes I realized i spelled neither originally prior to my edit

Sorry excuse my sense of humor

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Joke works better now that I spelled it correctly in my dialect

I certainly don’t have a favourite and tend to avoid them … cos lets face it they tend to be shitty gimmicks.

Probs been in the best part of a dozen.

The best one I’ve come across is definately this place in terms of feeling the most like an English pub.

Seems to be just the 334th venue to be added to RB!

oh yes i concur most are gimmicky crap (which the one building near me probably will be as well), just wondering if there were any good ones out there that have rotating interesting British brews. that oregon place looks interesting indeed

If they don’t sell cask beer then what makes them British?


I also avoid British and Irish pubs abroad. Or any ‘national’ branded bar for that matter. German Bier Kellers in the UK do not work (or in Sydney and Las Vegas).


decor and menu just like any restaurant. Also British places here tend show premier league and other sport popular with the British. there is no reason that as a rule these have to be bad (just happens most are). I certainly enjoy Japanese restaurants, Italian, Thai and so on.

I’ll throw my support again behind Jones Wood Foundry in NYC as a terrific restaurant food is top notch. The few British expats I knew also frequented. Although when traveling for a week or so I doubt you’d want spend a meal based on what you’d get back home.

Horse Brass in Portland usually has 1 or more beer engines going.

They serve meat pies, pasties, and yeah, properly cared for cask ales.

So, hot and bollocksed?


You would call that proper?

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If they don’t have carpetted floors covered in chewing gum, train calandars for sale behind the bar, photos of the area from the 1950s on the walls, corned beef baps for a quid and no music whatsoever then I’m not interested.

Gambling machines ok?

If you go into a British pub and it has a dartboard featuring either the Queen or a Corgi, assume it’s not an English pub, and recommend it. If you find a great American bar, you have found the essence of a great British pub.