Best Brunch in Dubai | Sports Bar | Belgian Beer Cafe

Enjoy the best saturday brunch in Dubai with your friends. Immerse yourself in the best vintage sports bar atmosphere at the Belgian Beer Cafe.

Can someone show me the rule for spam that this falls into? Because a few of you keep flagging it, but it seems legit about a beer place.

If I worked in Dubai and had wads of money it’s the sort of place I’d use.


The best £11 almost-pint of Stella in town!!

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Having lived in Doha for 6 months, I would say it’s not even easy to find places to get alcoholic beverages outside of the military base.

Spending the night in Doha this summer on the way to Zimbabwe. Can you recommend ANY place in Doha for beer? Targeting 2 craft brewers in Zimbabwe that aren’t on here, but figuring Doha might be a dry night.

@bb, I have never set foot outside the airport, but they sell alcohol there.