Best DC beers

To go along with solidfunk’s “Worst DC beers” topic, what are people’s top rated DC beers? I know that worst lists are a lot more fun, but that thread got me thinking about the breweries that are in the city limits and what I’ve rated as the highest within those 68 square miles.

Interesting enough, I remember some of these pretty vividly, even down to the location I first drank them. However I don’t really have a single memory of Hell’s Bottom and For Others…

I’ll add that while I still like a number of offerings that are coming out of DC breweries, the only two that get any distro are generally so-so. 3 Stars has probably the most offerings out in the wild, with DC Brau having their core beers stocked in most grocery stores. I really hope that Bluejacket can get some stuff out there (even if it’s just to other NRG properties…) and I’m really hoping 2018 is a good year for Right Proper to show up regularly outside the city limits.

While we’re talking about DC breweries, is Handsome still in business? A few of us met one of the owners at The Sovereign. Zero checkins on Untappd since November, which is generally unusual for any active breweries

I’d like to add, that despite the listing being very heavy on DC Brau, most of my fond memories about beers in DC come from Right Proper, and I’d probably take virtually any of their beers over DC Brau or Bluejacket’s beers any day of the week.

Kodachrome is the tits.

Ha, glad you all started this and the Worst thread as I just got to the area for a little business for a while. Any other can’t miss beers?

Honestly you’re best going to Right Proper and maybe Bluejacket for local beers (in the city). If you like good ciders, Anxo (pronounced AHN-choh) shouldn’t be missed.

If you can travel out of the city, there are good options in Northern VA:
-Aslin is good walez, but limited hours and some stuff flies off the shelf there minutes after they post
-Ocelot is good, especially for IPAs, but mostly just onsite consumption, same with Crooked Run.

Pretty much you should be at least satisfied as long as you avoid the “worst” beers in the area.