Best phone for rating

Can anyone give advice on the best phone for rating…I have an LG…and it’s fuckin awful for typing…android of couras…back a few
e years ago i had a windows phone and it was terrific.
Am I doomed to this android crap?

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As you probably know Windows Phone is a dead platform now, and I assume you’re anti-Apple from the obvious omission of iPhone in your post, so yes, you are “doomed to this Android crap”.

Before you look into changing phone though have you looked into simply changing keyboard? Maybe the default on your phone sucks and a 3rd party one might work better? I don’t use Android as my daily driver so I can’t recommend one but I believe most are free anyway. Here’s an article mentioning a few of the more popular ones around:

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Thanks…I might go iphome.
Android really is a scrappy system

I in particular bought an 8+ to rate beers.

I like using notes on iPhone to rate. It allows me to access them on my email on my PC as well making it easy to transfer to RateBeer.

I always carry a moleskine notebook and a pen when I expect to be rating. It’s infinitely more reliable and comfortable than tapping on a phone, and less isolating when in a public setting (it often attracts conversation, actually).

I have wondered about the Samsung Note series, it seems like it’d really convenient for beer-rating. Anyone use The Samsung Note to take notes on beers by hand-writing with the stylus?

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The one in my hand.

Yup using Note 5 and It is good for that, but then again most if the time I use my own rating book.

I use an iPhone 8, and it works great for me. The notes feature is great for beer festivals or generally when you rate a beer prior to adding. Ratebeer actually works on the Mozilla browser I use, so no complaints. Other plus is the picture function, which lets you take a picture at the same time as adding the pic to the site. I am not an Apple fanboy, but I cannot complain about the functionality. That said, I feel like the 8 is lower quality than my 6 was.

I have had Samsung S-line for over a decade and it has always worked fine. Must admit though that my current phone (Samsung A5) sucks a bit, but that’s probably me not having found the correct settings.

or it’s because the app’s are still crap.

I’ve had an iPhone, went Android after that was stolen. It was half-dead anyway before. Never looked back after I landed on Xiaomi. Lovin’ MiUI!

Getting better though, digging some things about them, but yeah. Until I can write without the need to put numbers first…

I never use the app. Haven’t installed it on my phone, just use the website. Unlimited internet and even if I hadn’t there is wifi everywhere these days

Bring a portable bluetooth keyboard along. See my setup below.


Damn your hands are tiny, what are you doing saturdays? :clown_face:

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