Best shops in NYC

Friend of mine will be visiting NYC in a week or so. He’ll do some beer shopping for our tasting group and my job is to point him in the right direction. We’re looking for big stouts/barleywines/strong ales and sours which don’t see distribution to Europe. IPAs seem easy to get so that shouldn’t be a problem. Triple Barrel Baptist or Abyss/BCBS variants would be nice, but somehow I think those will be hard to find.

Looking at the online menus Brooklyn Harvest Market on Union Avenue seems the best choice, Broadway Dive and Carmine Street Beers are good as well. Food emporium 8th ave not bad.

Any more suggestions?

If anyone needs Croatian/Serbian/Montenegrian tick he can bring a bottle or two.

I moved this year this was my only needed go to but closed earlier this year so im afraid i cant be much help check the RB NYC guide hopefully others can chime in.

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Also doesn’t help that ratebeer is dead.

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I can actually help on this front. The best bottle shops these days are the following: Whole Foods, whose beer selection has improved dramatically (Bowery, Williamsburg, and Gowanus locations are all a good bet); breweries (almost all of the breweries sell cans and bottles, Threes even stocks beer from other brewers); or bar/bottle shop combos (these include Brouwerij Lane in Greenpoint, The Sampler in Bushwick, Top Hops in Manhattan, Milk and Hops in Manhattan, Good Beer in Manhattan, and some others that are not coming to mind). The above three categories should provide you with more than enough choices.

Edit: forgot to mention Gold Star Beer Counter: they would definitely have the styles you are looking for. Located in Crown Heights.

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New Beer Distributors is dead, but alas, their stock was so old and dusty that most of it was not worth getting.

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Yep I’ve visited them last year and it was like you said. I know about Gold Star Beer Counter, one of the top NYC bars for me and regulars are willing to share a bottle or two :slight_smile Didn’t know they sell beer to go though.

I’ve visited WF Bowery in Nov 2017 and was pretty disappointed. They used to have way better selection during my last visit, back in 2014. Have they improved since last year?

I haven’t been to the Bowery one in a while. I get cans and bottles from Gowanus frequently and their selection is pretty good. The Williamsburg one is quite good as well. Probably the beat of them all in terms of selection of singles. And yes Gold Star definitely sells to go. They also do Crowlers.

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I used to hit up City Hops the most but it was closest to my apartment, good selection.

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Beer really is decentralized now. Fresh beer direct from the breweries gutted garage is what everyone wants. On the plus side, there are a lot of very solid selections available at local supermarkets.

City Swiggers (bar)
Goldstar (bar)
Prospect Beer Works
Shop Fair Supermarket on Fulton
Astoria Bier & Cheese(bar)
Top Hops(bar)
Malt & Mold (bar)

I have a separate list of wine stores if you want ciders.


Totally forgot Covenhoven!


Thanks for all the input guys, I’ll make sure to check it out.

@mansquito I’ve sent you a beermail through old messaging system

How about Polish meads? Best source in Brooklyn?

I will be visiting NYC for 7 days January 9-16. Black Friday flight tickets were just too cheap. Good tips for me in this thread so thanks! But nobody has not mentioned City Beer? ( ). It is just next to my hotel and looks promising.
What is this concept of “bottle shares” in bottle shops? Malt and Mold has that kind of events on Sunday? Does it mean that you can bring your own beers to shop and share them with other customers? Does any other bottle shop have that kind of events? BTW concept is totally illegal in Finland…


Yes that is pretry much what happens. I have had a number of bottle shares in beer stores in NYC. It might be illegal but we do it anyway. Generally, it is expected that you purchase a few beers and tip the bartender nicely as well.

Beer Karma in Brooklyn hosts bottle shares every now and then.

Will you be staying at Pod 39? My office is right next to City Beer, and in fact I added it to Ratebeer database. i had high hopes about the place, thinking that I’d be visiting every other evening, but I’m disillusioned about their turnover rate and selections. It’s a mediocre bottle shop at this point, and with slightly higher prices than others.
As for Malt’n’Mold, I am a mug club member, which is an annual fee that gives you $2 off a larger than a pint mug on Wednesdays, as well as participation in such tasting events. It’s near my home, and on Sundays people bring their beers for sharing. All except me seems to be Untappd users though. If you’d like I’d be happy to take you there and other places too, to have a couple of beers together. And there is no expectation for buying anything or tipping, but I usually do it anyhow :grin:

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Actually I will be staying in 2 different hotels.
Current plan
Wed 9 Flight to NYC
Wed9-Sun13 Pod Brooklyn Hotel (just next to Spuyten Duyvil)…visiting places and breweries in eastern NYC (Other Half, Threes, Grimm, Mikkeller NYC, Evil Twin, Interboro, Strong Rope, Wartega, Braven, Circa, Five Boroughs…)
Sun13-Wed16 Pod 39 Hotel… visiting bottleshops and bars in Manhattan and maybe some sightseeing.
Wed 16 Flight back to Finland

Malt’n’Mold bottle share event on Sunday is definitely in my list. I am not sure will I travel just with hand baggage but if I take bigger bag with me I am definitely trying to bring some interesting stuff from my beer cellar with me to share.


I love smoked cheese and surfed the net looking for the groceries… And was glad to find it online in a store of russian products Luckily they have a delivery. It turned out to be a warehouse of Western European products (based in NY), so try to contact their customer service, and who knows, maybe they can supply some worthy bottles )

@trapped how worthy are the bottle shares generally? I have never been to theirs and am wondering if worth for me to show up at some point.

Well depends on who’s been where. Usually there are 2-3 people who travel a lot and bring different stuff. So in a typical tasting session you try 3-4.They are usually stuff that is not sold in NYC, sometimes growlers. I’ve been to one early summer, where they wanted to get rid of everything that has been accumulating and we tasted about 15, including Zombie Dust.
Here’s a recent message from the owner, as an example:
"Bottle Share is underway as we speak!! Adam and Laura brought crowlers back from Hawaii!
Brandon is bringing Lamplighter from Cambridge and Second Fiddle from VT.
Drew brought in something from lovely downtown NJ.
and we have some Tree House in 'da house that Mike and Tara were kind enough to mule back from New England for me."

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Re: OP’s first post that branch of Brooklyn Harvest Market has a small’ish but very excellent selection. They aren’t immune to some irriating practices though. e.g. making people buy other stuff to get access to the more desirable bottles.

Shop Fair on Fulton Street, around the corner from Glorietta Baldy is another under the radar supermarket with a solid beer selection, housed in a walk-in chiller.

Beer Boutique (Williamsburg) and St. Gambrinus (near Atlantic Terminal) usually have something worthwhile on the shelves.

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I added Shop Fair! Live close by.

Solid selection, “fair” prices on the less crazy stuff, but plenty of pricey one offs sit on the shelf forever.

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