Beste Deutsche Craftbiere

Found this yesterday on a well know FB group. (screenshot of the top10 only)


Good beers indeed, but only Uerige is in my personal top10 (Doppel alt and Sticke auf jeden Fall).

I think some very top-beer is missing here like Schönramer Grünhopfen Pils, Buddelship Mr.B and Schlenkerla Märzen (ja, maybe the latter not enough craft for the hipster horde).

What is your opinion on that? Which are the beers that make you proud to be German Ambassador when trading?

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You’re in that group too? :smiley:

I’d definitely add stuff by Ayinger and Heller/Schlenkerla, as well as a lot of Frankonian lager. Apart from that, FrauGrubers Green is Lord is close to the perfect modern Pale Ale. I’ve never had half of the newer breweries that get so hyped up in that group at the moment. But thanks to you, I’ll get into that soon. :wink:

Yes, it’s one of my sources of information. Even sometimes you need to scroll a lot before finding an interesting post

Oh well, if I should have included all the Franconian breweries I like in that pool, FB would have been down for weeks to load all the data :grinning:

Sehr gerne. Hope you will enjoy them :+1:

I think it’s “interesting” that all of those are IPAs except for the Schneeeule and Uerige.

The big problem is that most Germans would not think of Schlenkerla, Ayinger, or any other “classic Lager brewery” as a “Craft brewery”, which can be seen in countless discussions with actual brewers. The hip “craft” brewers seem to be not satisfied with having good beer, but need to define a “we” and a “they”, which of course follows a different procedure than it did in the US when craft brewers first showed up.

Except for Marlene and Uerige, there is no beer I would say to be very outstanding on the list. And none of the two make it too high up on my favourites list.

Not counting the Lager & Weizen breweries of Bavaria and Franconia, the best German “craft” beer is Flügge Fränk for me, followed by Schneeeule Otto, Hoppebräu PX, FrauGruber Pleased to Meet you (this year’s batch), Schneeeule / h.ertie Weisse Geuze Yasmin.

The other spots are filled up by Aventinus & Tap X Nelson Sauvin, all the Hallerndorf breweries, Spezial, Griess, Seinsheimer, etc, so all the Franconian suspects, plus Lingl Zoigl from Windischeschenbach. Many of these cannot be traded because they don’t exist in bottles.


There is a lot of hazebro-ing going on in that group, with the occasional pastry-stout-rage. And the accompanying traditionalist outrage over beer with aroma.

Oh, and I’ve had a long discussion about remembering the holocaust and forced labour that ended in someone saying “Deutschland war das erste Opfer. Ich will selber festlegen dürfen, wem ich wo and wann gedenke!”

I’m surprised Schönramer’s Kentucky BA IS not on your list. Next to Schlenkerla from Holzfass, it is my highest rated German beer.

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my bad, it is on the list, but I seem to have ignored it because Schönramer.

I still have one or two brews in my cellar that I have high hopes for, but my 2018 Top 8 so far goes something like this (in no particular order):

Kehrwieder - South Islay
Orca Brau - Boomshakalaka
Aecht Schlenkerla - Doppelbock Eiche
Kehrwieder - Seehafen I BA Brut IPA
Orca Brau - Wildfang #1
Freigeist- Rhabarber Gose
Frau Gruber - Escape from Madness
Camba Bavaria - Black Shark

Selbes Spiel hier:

Viel Quatsch. Aber das spiegelt ja die Meinung der Masse wieder. Wir hier bewegen uns ja doch in anderen Kreisen. Dies zeigt allein die Kategorie Lambic.Und das Augustiner Edelstoff die Kategorie Helles gewinnt ist auch grandios.

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Musste sofort an das Interview hier denken:

„Bei uns gibt es doch Augustiner, wieso musst Du etwas aus Franken holen?“

Ich finde den Pool von Hopfenhelden lächerlich. Es ist doch Geschmackssache, aber beim Hellen dürfen Witzgall und Mönchsambacher niemals fehlen. Und beim IPA die leckere Kreationen von Yankee&Kraut. Aber ja, wie @rhoihessegold korrekt gesagt hat:

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Top! One of my all time favourite

ISO seit ewig. Eine frische Flasche in Ö zu bekommen ist unmöglich - “Das ist ein starkes dunkles Bier, dem macht das Alter nichts aus…”


Ich wollte es eigentlich in den Pack hinzufügen, aber MHD war nicht ok. Nächstes Mal. Versprochen.

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Great minds think alike! :smiley:

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Stimmt, es ist nämlich ein Dortmunder/Export! [scnr]


Diese Liste ist ziemlich “elitär” und hat mit “dem wahren Leben” nix zu tun. Diese “Craft-Beer-Nerds” sind so abgehoben, saß es ihnen im Traum nicht einfallen würde, einmal nach Franken zu fahren, denn Schlenkerla gibt es ja überall…:slight_smile:. Wer aber noch nie beim Witzgall, Lieberth , Zehender oder Heckel war, sollte sich nicht zu weit aus dem Fenster lehnen…

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Munich Brew Mafia’s Die Kriminelle Helle was fantastic on tap IMO, en par with the top “major” Helles’, with its own original twist.

On that list, I was really impressed by Sudden Death’s The Wolfman ate my Homework.

Wasn’t impressed at all by Backbone Splitter, on tap or bottled.

Green is Lord is indeed a fine example of an APA, but it’s not on the list and not my fav APA ever, though, again, admittedly very nice.

Haven’t tried Marlene, but I thoroughly loved Kennedy, and dug Inge - though that one could’ve been better with slightly higher pH.

2018 top 13 German “modern craft” list for me (haven’t tried many, mind):

  1. Sudden Death The Wolfman Ate My Homework - 3.9
  2. Munich Brew Mafia - Das Kriminelle Helle - 3.8
  3. Schneeeule Kennedy - 3.8
  4. Stone Berlin Berlin to Bangkok - 3.8
  5. Fuerst Wiacek/North Reductionists - 3.7
  6. Fuerst Wiacek / La Piurata Aigua Calenta - 3.7
  7. Himburgs BrauKunstKeller / Zagovor Konfetka - 3.7
    8-11. Munich Brew Mafia Harakiri - 3.6
    8-11. Munich Brew Mafia Don Collection: Nelson - 3.6
    8-11. Munich Brew Mafia / Tap House Munich Anniversator - 3.6
    8-11. Munich Brew Mafia / Varionica La Dolce Vita - 3.6
    12-13. Stone White Ghost - 3.6
    12-13. Stone Berlin Collab 09 Todd Haug Sauer Axtmann - 3.6