Better beer in Austin or San Antonio?

Will be traveling to Texas in January and should I spend more time drinking beer in Austin or San Antonio ? will spend time in both, but beer is very good so if one city has much better beer scene I will plan accordingly.


You could try sending a pm to wombat23. He‘s from Texas and knows Austin well. Make sure you hit Pinthouse Pizza when in Austin. I was there last year and it was a great stop.

Having spent a lot of time in both cities with family in each, I would suggest Austin much over San Antonio. That said, it’s a quick trip between the two and you could easily run down to San Antonio for the day and take the back way down through Hill Country and also hit breweries like Jester King and Real Ale. I do think that Specs, Total Wine, and Gabriels in San Antonio have a better selection as far as beer stores go or at least they are less picked through, but for breweries and beer bars, absolutely Austin.