Bier de mars from New Belgium brewery

What ever happened to this style of beer? The last time I saw it was in 2004 or 2005 maybe. I have found many good beers since, and made some of my own, but I miss this particular beer the most. I feel some others might agree with me. This was a fantastic beer! From the label that represented it, down to the liquid in the bottle. The lips of faith remake I have been unable to fine. Can anyone point me in the direction of this beer? I have searched all up and down the Pacific Northwest, and while I have come across some mighty brews, I have been empty handed with a few odd bottles of bier de garte and sours. Please help!

I think it just hasn’t been brewed in a while. I remember it fondly.

Yeah, I think it has not been made since about 2014 based on untappd check-ins.