Big Drop (Chocolate Milk) Stout

Hey all,

Until last week, there were two different NA stouts by Big Drop brewing: a “Stout” and a “Chocolate Milk Stout”.

I noticed yesterday, that the name of the stout (579682) has been changed to chocolate milk stout as well (last editor @jmgreenuk, does that system still work correctly?). I have a bottle at home, reading Stout (see picture, belonging to 579682). They could very well be aliases, but now we have two names that are exactly the same? Are there two different beers? And if yes, which one should I rate?



They’re the same beer, it got rebranded and dropped the “chocolate milk” part of the name. It still contains the cacao nibs, vanilla and lactose though and the brewery considers them to be the same beer (they merged the old chocolate milk stout entries to the new one on UT, and they still have pictures of the new bottles next to the awards it won with the old name on their FB).

I guess it doesn’t matter which one you rate but you (or a local admin) needs to edit one to rename it just to “Big Drop Stout”, I’d suggest the latter since it has the correct picture. The older should probably be aliased to it in case anyone still has old bottles kicking about, and ratings moved of course.

Also probably worth updating the commercial description:

With notes of coffee, cocoa nibs and a lingering hint of sweet vanilla this beer is dark, rich and indulgent. We keep ours in the fridge but take it out about an hour or so before we drink it as all that decadence needs a bit of warming up. We pour it fast into a tulip glass so the gorgeous coffee aromas can stretch their legs. If it’s early in the evening, an oyster or two sets it off nicely. If it’s later, a chocolate fondant rounds off this truly extravagant beer.

Yeah these should be merged. Technically it’s just called stout now.

The Big Drop website is now calling the beer simply “Stout” and the commercial description has changed. It looks like someone added it as a new beer following the rebranding and people have continued to rate both beers… Both pics actually reference the name “Chocolate Milk Stout” though, so maybe a new pic is in order after the two beers are aliased.