Biggest US City Without a Brewery?

Anyone knows what this would be? I thought it might be Mesa, AZ with all the Mormons but even they have one. Newark, NJ also apparently opened a brewery recently. Anyone know the answer to this?

Shitsville, Arizona would be a great answer, if such a place actually existed.


Didn’t check if it still the case but in 2018 it was apparently Laredo, Texas.

According to untappd there is Laredo brewing co

Looks like Pine Bluff, AK doesn’t have one. 43k urban/100k metro.

Great question. I’d love to see a Top 10 list of US cities as well as global cities.

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Looks like Provo, UT does not have one with population of 116,886. Huge LDS population, but some other city may beat it.

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And just like that, I found one: Paterson, NJ: 159,732 people.

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But there was! One very important: Hinchliffe Brewing.


Yup, I noticed it on the google maps where it is noted as a historical place of interest. Even though I live 25 miles away, I have never been to Paterson. If I do go, I will check out the ruins.