Billies 2022 & Grote Dorst


Anyone else coming to Billies 2022?
I will be around Bryssel Tuesday-Wednesday and Antwerpen Thursday-Saturday (only billies ticket for Friday). Hopefully finally able to visit Kulminator if it is open.

My plane leaves bryssel airport 19.20 and I am wondering does it make sense to visit Grote Dorst before that on Sunday 12-14? If there is someone else thinking about same thing I would be glad to hear what is the best way to get there or maybe share taxi with me.

I heard it is also possible to share your own bottles at Billies. I could try to bring some real Finnish sahti with me if there is someone willing to try it.


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I visited Grote Dorst in December 2018.

Took an Uber from Brussels city centre … approx E24/25 IIRC

Couldn’t get one back as you can imagine, being out in the middle of nowhere in relative terms

There is a public bus back to Brussels … was just a 5 or 6 minute walk from GD … didn’t cost much at all, maybe E3 or 4 ? Took perhaps 30/35 minutes so maybe 10 minutes more than Uber as you’d imagine

Can’t recall whether it was an hourly service or every 2 hours but it turned up pretty much bang on time

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Bus to Grote Dorst is easy. 33 from Sablon to Dansaert then same stop 128 to Ninove. Get off at Lennik. 53 minutes. Just flick your bank card on the machine on your left as you board the bus. Btw, they take card payment these days.

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Grote Dorst was nice, but I enjoyed Kulminator way more… I was lucky enough that friend’s girlfriend drove us there and back.

As far as Brussels goes I should point out that they have closed the center for cars, so getting a taxi may take like 30 minutes (should be less an issue on Sunday tho), and it can’t pick you up from the very center. When you’re heading back the destination should be also somewhere that taxis can go (central station for example), otherwise they will just cancel your order.

Ohh and you should try Bolt app as it was cheaper than Uber most of the time, also when Uber drivers cancels you can try Bolt or vice versa.

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Kulminator is a shit hole, especially compared to Grote Dorst. But if you like cat hair in your beer go for it…

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Also about Kulminator: go there around the opening time, if they are full they won’t let anyone else in. I imagine it will fill up fast during Billie’s.

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