For those of you who don’t use social media much, especially Instagram, some time last year people started using the hashtag #bipacomeback whenever posting about Black IPAs to try and generate more interest in reviving this somewhat dying style in the UK. And it’s been growing ever since.

Half a decade ago when I got into craft beer, BIPAs were commonplace and some brewers even had one in their core range, these days that is definitively uncommon. But there was a gentle revival going on in the latter part of 2020, and right now in early 2021 there are absolutely loads about.

Siren literally used the hashtag in the description for their new BIPA earlier this week. And this evening Cloudwater announced they will be releasing 7 celebratory beers for their 6th birthday next week, 3 (three!) of which will be Black TIPAs. We may well have hit peak BIPA comeback here!

With such prominent brewers in the UK craft scene pushing this growing trend I am pretty excited for what the rest of the year might bring to us in terms of BIPAs.
Black IPA is definitely the best beer style ever invented. If done well you get the best parts of IPA and Stout, which are the next best beer styles ever invented.

Don’t you all agree?


Agree!. Black IPAs are great. What’s not to like? Hops and malts.


It’s a garbage style that losers chase !


Not for me thanks.
Each to there own.

Well the best beer in the world is a Black IPA, so I have to agree !


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Never been a huge fan, so hadn’t noticed they had been in decline; didn’t notice them in their heyday either to be honest.


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Let’s not forget that this is all down to Andy Parker’s (Elusive) one man campaign. The new Siren beer of course being a collab with Elusive.


I can’t believe I neglected to mention this but yes he’s the man behind the hashtag, which was presumably a Twitter thing before it spilled over to Instagram. A one man campaign that has since turned into a many men (and women) campaign. There’s even someone with an account called “bipacomeback” on Instagram who I’ve been speaking to a bit recently. Literally only posts about BIPAs. It’s great.

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Might try a go fund me ‘Theydon Bois’ 1,000 BIPA rates.

I’ve seen less deserving GFM if I’m honest !

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I love a good BIPA, there are quite a few BIPAs in my top rated beers. Naparbier Back in Black and Weird Beard Fade to Black come to mind. I’ve seen them decline in quantity and quality, always a few around but I haven’t cared for many I’ve had in the last couple of years.

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From what I’ve seen on social media I gather Cloudwater are due to release four BIPAs next week


BIPA also a favourite style of mine, love them done well. I’ve seen an uptick, I was chatting to Andy of Elusive at Christmas, and had 5 different BIPAs in the fridge. I’ve got the Collab ready for collection from Siren already.

Back in the day Kernel Black, Thornbridge Raven (Draught in particular) and Buxton Imperial Black were all incredible. Even Lovibonds had Dirty 69 in their core range. Great to see them coming back


Thanks for the tip on this by the way !


I do like a Black IPA, it feels like they have morphed into hopped Stouts and Porters. I think I have to be in the mood for one though.

I’m a big fan of BIPAs when they actually show off the malt as well as the hops. Thornbridge Wild Raven is still in my top 10 rated beers (had that with a group of RB-ers at Reading beerfest years back).

Coincidentally had a BIPA tonight - Stu Mostow Salamander Black IPA from the Beer52 Polish box. Enjoyed it a lot.


I miss them too.

And Mad Squirrels first release of the year …

Midnight | Mad Squirrel (madsquirrelbrew.co.uk)

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The instagram account I mentioned previously, bipacomeback, had that one last night and he showed me a picture. The colour is absolutely not “midnight black”… “poo brown” would be a more apt description. That said, I think the beer itself was fine, just loses points on appearance. I’ll give it a go if I see it about.

:smiley: Do love a BIPA whenever they turn up (which seems rare right now), had a great one last year around Christmas https://www.ratebeer.com/beer/dry-and-bitter-illuminations/874355/ - they do allot of rebrews nowadays so hopefully get one for you next time you/or I am over Colin :slight_smile:


Yeah, I’m very happy to see Black IPAs making a comeback. I’ve craved them for a while when only one or two could be found in my local beer shops. The best newish ones I’ve tried are Stigbergets Black Cat and Northern Monk / Wylam Dark Side Of The Moob. Definitely interested in trying Cloudwater’s Black TIPA series. I’ve always had Black IPAs in isolation so haven’t had much chance to compare one against the other.