I’d love to see more BIPA. I brewed one of the first in the UK, and it flew out. I brewed another in 2018, and it really struggled to sell… so I’d love to see a proper comeback

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I’ve got the Stigbergets one in the fridge and looking forward to it. The NM / Wylam collab was easily one of the best BIPAs I’ve had in a long time!

P.S. Just a heads up for everyone who was interested, the Cloudwater birthday packs are now live on their webshop. Go get your BTIPAs!

I thought they said there were 7 new beers, can only see 6, unless I’m missing something

I assumed that too. Turns out there’s 6 cans and 1 mini cask. I’ve given the cask a miss and just gone for the 6 can pack.

Got it, thanks. I worked it out in the meantime too, I did the same as you, no mini cask. Looking forward the the BIPAs!

I used to not like them as much, thinking the best ones were more like stouts, and the rest were kind of like lost orphans. But not having them as much now, I’ll definitely buy them when I see them.

No BIPA’s for me from Cloudwater as along with many others they have stopped International shipping following Brexit :cry:


Nail on the head there. When they were fairly common I stopped buying them fro the reason you describe. Now they are rare, I seek them out. Brewers can never win!

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It’s true. I find myself seeking out West Coast IPAs now too.


Likewise, though that was always my preferred IPA - the sweet (or rather unsweet!) spot was around 2012-3, the IBU wars, IPA heaven. Since then ‘bitterness’ seems to be a dirty word unfortunately. I don’t care if you’re using 25g/l dry hop, if IBU isn’t at least ABV x 10 (and 60 for owt under 6%) then it’s not proper IPA.


Totally. Difference there is I never complained about them when they were around.

It’s that rare taste :rofl:

I miss that style 3/4 of my beers in that style was given 3.5 or higher. 1/4 was given 4 or higher.

May be I wasn’t clear, I never complained, still my favourite for an IPA, I just have to put efforts on to seek them out, I don’t like all this sweet stuff so much !

The elusive/siren one is rather good but my favourite in recent years is the boundary one “black is the colour”


That’s still my highest rated beer from Norn Iron.