Birmingham (AKA Cotteridge) Convention July 2nd 2022

Just asking.

Glad I asked.


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I haven’t heard anything.

Neither have I @Leighton.

We have now!


I could be up for it :slight_smile:

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Behind the scenes talks are underway.

If cotts cant host we may well do a brum crawl anyway and a small bottle share … street corner or the like in Digbeth.

Potentially looking at Saturdays in June afte the extended jubilee holiday … so 11/18/25 June in the frame.


Great, I will keep checking this thread to see what develops.


I would be keen to meet up / bottle share / pub crawl.

I read that first time as 18th November 2025. It must be one of those days!!

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I suspect it’ll be the 11th because that’s when I am at a wedding.

They will probably want to postpone now they know a cotts is in the offing

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I did hear that Cotts were reopening their back room from May on a booking system.

I could be up for it… I’ll try not to manage my usual trick of forgetting and booking a forrin trip. I’m likely abroad 25th, probably abroad 18th, no plans 11th

I’ve never done Cotts so would be well up for this (or a general piss up around Brum)

Think I’m in states on business trip one of the weeks in June, but plan to go back to Bingohame one way or another to say bye to @RichTheVillan and @SarkyNorthener.

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Date has been set and title of thread changed.

Saturday 2nd July 2022.

So we are still a few weeks away from the booking window opening for best train fares.

Full details TBC … RTV is still working on a venue but there will be some form of bottle share and a pub crawl likely before and after.

Watch this space.


Shit hot, I couldn’t make any of the June dates (didn’t post that as didn’t want to be negative), so really pleased it’s moved back to July.

@Theydon_Bois are you going to log it in as an Event with a spreadsheet once everything is sorted? You know I love looking at what beers are coming!


Feel free to create an event Jeremy

I’m not your spreadsheet man but I’m sure someone will set one up in due course

Need to understand a tasting venue or otherwise first off to understand how much to bring

OK I will ‘do’ the Event once you/we have a venue, can’t use Cotteridge in the name if it’s being held elsewhere.

1.5 Litres has been the usual beer ask, but if it’s a park bench special we could go either way!


I am in .Thanks to Colin for looping me in

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would you believe it, I’m abroad… what are the odds…