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Birmingham Apr 1- 6


I’ll be in Birmingham from April 1 - 6. I always enjoy hooking up with my British compatriots for a crawl. Colin and I talked about the possibility of an Oxford crawl on the 4th (?) not sure if that’s still on or not. Also, is it it worth a day trip to Rutland for the county tick? Or can I get some Rutland beers in Sheffield?

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Stamford is a fairly likely place for a Rutland rate. As Bakers Dozen have what’s effectively there Tap room in the town.

I may just come up to Birmingham Steve … I’ll be due a visit by then and we’ll pick up better beers than in Oxford.

Plus a new ‘world class’ beer venue has recently opened in Birmingham that we should try out … I believe @RichTheVillan visited this weekend?

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Sounds good I’m free for a Birmingham crawl on Saturday 4th

I’m going to plan on going to Rutland on Friday the 3rd. Train to Oakham, then bus to Stamford, then bus to Uppingham, and then bus back to Oakham. If I can get any bottled or canned Rutland ticks, I’ll bring them to you on Saturday…

You can take the same train to Stamford as you’d take to Oakham … it’s another 15/20 minutes down the same railway line.

Be great if you can bring any Rutland ticks back but there aren’t too many bottled and I imagine I’ve had the common ones.

A small plastic growler bottle (1L perhaps) is probably the best chance!

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