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BIRRE & CO place locator and beer page


I just tried the BIRRE & CO ( https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=co.mango.birreco ) app on my phone.
The place locator is fast like hell and use Googlemaps. You can move your cursor directly on the map so you actually know where the place really is (instead of having only places in a list shown by distance from closest, without having any idea on which direction it is, or if there’s a river between…)

You can filter places results between Grocery Stores, Convenient Stores, Liquor Stores and Gaz Stations and each entry have a quick distribution list as well…

The Beer pages and Place pages load ultra fast and look awesome.

RB should try to go that way in the future (eck…I don’t understand why ZX didn’t buy them instead of RB…this is probably exactly what they are looking for)

It also comes with a Manager App for the retailers so they can update their distribution.


Thanks for sharing this and also attaching a few screenshots!

Looks like it might be region locked as it’s not available for us to download here in Australia (will try find a way to have a play with this).