Black Is Beautiful Collab

Looks like some of these are starting to get released, can we get a new tag for this one?:


They’re different types of beers. I just rated an imperial stout called that from Claim 52. And I think we should keep politics out of our ratings.

Good thing this isn’t a political issue!


Different types of beers? They should all be imperial stouts, that’s what the recipe they’ve made available is for. Of course brewers can put their own spin on it but I wouldn’t expect to see different styles, just as the All Together beers we saw were all IPAs.

Also I don’t see anyone including politics in their ratings!?

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This is a beer tag, not politics, we have tags for other similar collaborations: All Together, Resilience, Social Distancing, etc., and about a million other things too. If you don’t like the idea behind it don’t buy the beer, but as one of the few dozen people still using this site for rating beer I’m in favor of having as much useful beer data here as possible and that includes tags for collaborations.