Black Pilsner?

Hi all,
Today I came across a beer from Germany in my local supermarket that calls itself a “Black Pilsener”. Is this a thing, or just another way of saying that it’s a Dunkel?

There’s a “Alpirsbacher Klosterbräu Schwarzes Pils” in our Database. It’s categorized as a Schwarzbier - which would also be my first instinct.
But then again, there’s “Sacher Schwarzes Pils”, categorized as Dunkel.

If we follow the style definitions of Schwarzbier, I’d imagine a dark Pils-style beer not to be fruity. Dunkel would allow fruitiness in my opinion.

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In the US whenever someone calls something a Black Pils we throw it in with Schwarzbier.

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Thanks for the response. For some strange reason I thought Schwarzbier was top-fermented and as a result it didn’t occur to me that black pilsener should fall under that style.

It was, up until the late 1800s.

Then again, so were most beer styles up until around that time…

Sadly the Schwarzbier’s revival is caught in a bit of a slump in Germany, Buddelship’s Kohlentrimmer being one of the latest splendid new examples.
Otherwise, most people would have heard about it in less favourful terms on Tv consumer programms exposing some of the few remaining macro Schwarzbiere as “colorant-blackened Pils”.

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