Black Sheep Brewery to go into administration

Sad news from Yorkshire: Black Sheep Brewery to go into administration (

Oooof … thats a big one to go

I would imagine taking on the York Brewery debts has hit them hard when added to increased costs. I didn’t read that they had actually stopped producing though, so perhaps the administrators can still see a workable business there.


Wow. Did not see that coming. Terrible news.

Sheesh! Is that the biggest post-Covid casualty so far? Sad for all the workers there, although given the strength of the brand I can’t imagine someone not keeping it going in some form or other… (maybe they’ll finally be reunited with the rest of the Theakston family…?).

That would be ironic certainly.

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Looks like they’re expecting to carry on as usual. Some deal to buy them out once they go into administration?

I just took that to mean they aren’t dead yet. Doesn’t mean they aren’t dying though.

Out of curiosity, does anyone in here drink Black Sheep with any regularity?

I used to drink them a bit in the mid to late 90’s when I used to travel by train to football games regularly.

The bitter and Rigglewelter (considered high boost @5.7% back in those days) were regular features in off licences that stocked real ales.

Can’t say I’ve ever made an effort in the last 15/20 years other than the odd tick here and there.

Think I’ve had 12 of their beers over 13 years.

I’ve had 14 in 10. Three were on my most recent jaunt to York…

I drink Black Sheep regularly - about every six months ! Usually when I’m with non ticking friends


13 rated Black Sheep beers here, most of them sampled in the UK. A few of them were previously available in Norway, but I haven’t seen any of them here for years now.

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I like to use the Riggwelter when I make a beef in beer stew. But last time used Wychwood King Goblin.

I guess us folk are not your average UK beer drinker so Black Sheep are not our go to beers. But the concern we all have is genuine. If it could happened to a big commercial brewery like Black Sheep who next.

My guess it will all be part of the Theakston brewery soon. Let’s face it Black Sheep was the reaction to Theakston being bought out by (was it) Scottish and Newcastle, but the Theakston beers are back family owned now.

Who knows what will happen next…

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I had their Black IPA last weekk. Ok if watered down. Thought it was telling that one someone on Twitter who was upset st the news, then stated that their BIPA was the only one he’d ever.enjoyed.

They may have been a more well known brewery but they specialised in 80s prices cask (or cask for short) and supermarket beers so were making fuck all profit.

I’m 2nd highest rater for the Brewery with 43 beers and I do go to York every year, so fairly regular I suppose.

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The plot thickens…

Black Sheep Brewery in North Yorkshire is taken over | The Northern Echo

The Breal investment group that bought them also looks to own Inglenook Inns & Taverns