Black Storm gone

“Unable to agree a course of action with our largest creditor HMRC”

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And now Donkeystone too:

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Ratebeer needs a sad face as well as a ‘like’ this days.


Re Donkeystone: I wonder if the decline in customer confidence was partly due to some poor beers that were sold through Lidl last year. I have a feeling they did some beers for Home Bargains the year prior which were just as bad. If they were hoping to get good name recognition nationally they failed. Good lesson to other breweries maybe - you still need a relative good product even if brewed cheaply with low margins and even then, is it still worth it? Wild beer being an example, and they did far better beers in supermarkets.

Black Storm is more disappointing. I enjoyed their beers.


True, Donkeystone’s efforts for Home Bargains did not inspire me to seek out more of their beers. Others still seem to manage to brew decent beer even at Lidl margins though.

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Like this :frowning_face: :cry: you mean?

I mean in lieu of a heart to ‘like’ something

Looks like Blackstorm are back:

“The Beers are back in town…
For stocking enquiries please email