Black & Tan

With Guinness and Harp on sale for 10.49 or so a 12 pack, I have been making a fair amount of Black&Tans lately. My historic favorites have been…
Guinness Extra Stout and Bass
Guinness Draught and Harp
Mississippi Mud
Toppling Goliath Zeelander and Rover Truck…not so traditional but pretty tasty.
Saranac Black and Tan

Any breweries making them these days? Any two beers you enjoy mixing? Thoughts on Cold IPA?

I drank more Yuengling Black and Tan than I care to admit (easiest to steal from my father), so that is the only one that matters.

Anyone remember the Evil Twin Yin and Yang? Did anyone actually cuvée them?


Oh yeah, forgot about Yuengling Black and Tan. I suppose I probably drank the most of those, as that was the go-to 45 dollar 1/2 keg 20-25 years ago in College Park. I know I made it from Yuengling Lager and the Porter as well.

I do it a lot, because there usually isn’t any black ipas available. Pale lager as base beer is also ok, but obviously not that black ipa-ish. My goto combo is probably Põhjala Öö + any craft IPA/pale lager that’s currently discounted in the supermarket (Põhjala Laager, Virmalised, Pühaste Mosaiik, Õllenaut Hele or Vaskne).
Not black & tan, but I also do quite often pale lager/ipa+some fruited sour beer (like Pühaste Guava Gose). Has the radler vibe, but actually tastes good+gets you boosted.

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