Bluejacket Officers' Club

Looks like Bluejacket is finally jumping on the membership club bandwagon with a limited 200 person club. $225 for a year including 2 750 ml bottles of each six releases. 15% off cans and merch. Shipping options to legally allowed states. Sales open Friday, December 8 at 10 AM. :beer:

Bluejacket is proud to introduce Officers’ Club, a union formed to provide members with special access to a wide range of our most limited release beers, including some crafted exclusively for our members. Really, we were jonesing to do something a little different for the very people who appreciate different. If you want to join this club - heck, if you’re even looking at this page! - that’s probably you.

Membership has its privileges as they say, so let’s spell those out for you. Members of the Officers’ Club receive:

  • Six limited, barrel-aged releases per year – three of which will be exclusive, members-only releases.

  • Members will receive two 750 ml bottles from each release. They will then also have the option of purchasing additional release allotments based on availability. That means that, while our beer allocations will vary with production levels, we will do our best to extend to you the opportunity to purchase additional bottles upon release.

  • With the start of canning in early 2018, members will receive 15% off of all can (and merch) purchases throughout the year, plus the ability to reserve and purchase up to one case of each can release before that can is released to the general public. You heard that right, folks. Cans, they are coming soon.

Annual membership is $225, and the first year will be limited to only 200 people. As an inaugural member, you’ll also have the first right of refusal to join in 2019.

Need we say more?

Maybe one more thing: Since DC law allows the shipment of beer to customers in other states, we will open our membership up nationally and ship to those states that are legally allowed to receive beer shipments. Shipping fees will apply.

It’s really really tempting to be honest, even though I’m now down to one or two visits a year instead 1.5 times a month way back when they first opened.

The price seems… steep for me. It might not be for big local craft fans who have more disposable income, but now that I have a mortgage and am desperately trying to pay off all my bills and save money for the future…$225 for an annual club doesn’t make the cut for me. Lifetime? I could swing $225. I mean when you break it down over a year it’s not that bad ($18.75 a month), but it’s just too much for me these days.

Anyone thinking about doing it?

I just don’t make it there enough to justify it. I should go more, given that I work in DC, but I rarely want to stay in the district after work and even more rarely want to venture in on weekends. And I paid $300 to Aslin Mug Club two hours ago for the 2018 year. That is probably all I am willing to do for next year.