Bogus CNN article planted by ABI

Check the preposterous headline in this article planted on CNN by Anheuser Busch. They paid the “journalist” to say that Big Beer is suffering because drinkers are switching to “innovative new brands and creative concepts emerging from craft breweries,” such as Michelob and Corona. You can’t make this s*!t up.

Where in the article does it say that Michelob and Corona are from craft breweries?

All I got was that Corona and Michelob are apparently “higher end beers” (compared to Bud and Coors?).

“Craft breweries” is in the third paragraph, making the implication. No mention of Corona and Michelob as “higher end” until all the way down at the end of the article.

““Budweiser is the perfect beer for high-energy, premium party occasions,” Brito said.”

Guess I don’t receive the premium invitations.

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I wonder what the perfect beer is for low-energy sub-premium parties.


How is it planted by abi? It mirrors what you’d read in most market analysis reports on the subject.

Beer, especially American macro, is sliding in sales. Wine is taking over by quite a bit with cocktails/craft liquor also shifting into focus more and more. Younger drinkers are less and less likely to only drink one product, let alone only drink beer or only drink wine.

Major growth in beer is mainly coming from imported lager currently. Seems Americans still dig some lager. Craft beer still chugging along but it seems it’s starting to stall as many of the big brewers are reaching into most states with some struggling to find a market. I still see some room for growth but I also see a lot of breweries that really have no place on the shelf.


The sub-head makes it sound like an advertisement for Corona and Michelob. The article hides the fact that craft has taken a huge bite out of Big Beer’s market share, even if its growth is single-digit of late. As for “no place on the shelf,” you can only blame ABI’s parasitic control of distribution, which parallels its parasitic relationship with ad-hooked media such as CNN.

I don’t see it that way. It says certain abi brands are slipping and lists why. Craft beer, other abi brands, constellation, wine, cocktails, etc. it’s pretty much exactly what you’d read if you open up a market watch. It throws a few punches towards bud calling it stale in the market, which it is. It lets abi make some hilarious comments about its brands. Lists that younger drinkers are drinking everything. Even lists the malternative thing that’s happening.

If this is just media bashing we can prob move this over to OT-M. Plenty of things to discuss on that end.

I really don’t see the complaint in the OP. The craft section and the "premium’ paragraphs are under different subheadings. Premium being an industry term for macro urine-water sold at a higher price to reflect its ‘superiority’

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Baltika 4.


You know what’s funny? I think I’m doing my own thing enjoying more imported lager, but it turns out I’m not as special as my mom told me I was.