Boise - 10-15 Sept

Short notice work trip to Boise 10-15 Sept, however will be putting in 12 hour days up in Mountain Home most days that week. What are the must visits? Also, might have time night of 10th or 15th if anyone is available for a beer. @BuckeyeBoy @JohnGalt1

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I’ll be in Wyoming around the 15th but if I take the long way home to visit my grandson I’ll be in Meridian the second week in October. Bad timing!

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Well dang, maybe meet up sometime outside of Zoom.

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Glad you reached out. Pretty much every place in Boise is a must pass :slight_smile:
12 hrs days in mountain home ouch… 30ish min drive to boise. Are you staying in Boise or mountain home? Don’t let the name fool you, it is a small town in the desert.
They do have 1 brewery… Blue Pit

Are you after ticks or overall good beer?

In Boise I would suggest Bittercreek tap house good food and beer selection.

Mother Earth
Western Collective
Lost Grove

All these locations are downtown ish

Hit me up 208-850-3276 will definitely get a few beers with you

Cheers Jeremy

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I’m staying in Boise at Best Western North Lodge and driving to Mt Home daily. Hence most days after 12 hours I won’t be up for drinking. I do get in at lunch on Sunday and don’t fly out until 0700 on Saturday. Friday we should be done by lunch too. As for beers I always like to hit new breweries, places and of course ticks don’t hurt either. I’m about to text you after I hit reply on this.

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After 12 hours, all I really want is a beer.

Good luck.


Damn, we’ll be close-ish but a little too far to meet up. I’m staying in the Portland area the 9th - 15th.

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I hope you enjoyed your stay. I actually got to Meridian Friday night but was busy with my grandson all day and just now starting on some Saturday evening brews at his apartment. Safe travels home!

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I had a great time. @stevoj and @BuckeyeBoy took me out to some breweries on Wednesday. Then Steve not only took me to a few more breweries on Friday, but then hosted a tasting at his place. Where also meet @IndianaRed! What a crew, if you leged them you’ve failed yourself.

@SHIG thanks for hooking up with us. @BuckeyeBoy and I love to show people around. We said we could get you 100 Idaho ticks ( in 2 days) and we meant it. Hope you can make it back.

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