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Hi there. I’ve been doing a lot of research about beer styles but pretty much all my sources have been consulted through the internet. I was thinking about ordering one of Michael Jackson’s latest books, probably “Beer Companion”, the 1997 because it looks to be somewhat focused in describing styles. I know the world of beer has changed a lot since 1997, but many of his descriptions still apply and I’m also interested in getting some of his work if only for collectionism.

Is there a better choice within his bibliography to learn about styles? What about other authors? As long as it’s either in english or spanish I’m interested.

The Garrett Oliver book has good summaries of beer styles, but even there they are out-dated, as they have nothing about modern IPAs like Milkshake and Brut or about smoothie berliners…

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For British Beer Styles, “Amber, Gold, and Black” by Martyn Cornell is unsurpassed.

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All the best books I’ve found are long out of print. Of course, if you can find any Michael Jackson book snap it up! Amber Gold & Black I’ve been searching for years. Even messaged Martyn Cornell but he couldn’t help. His blog zythophile is a great resource though. Many modern books reference inaccurate information that’s been re-written again and again, so he researches his subjects thoroughly. The blog about stout and porter is excellent.

John Watneys ‘beer is best’ , published in 1974, 5 years before Michael Jacksons first book is very good too, though there are a few minor inaccuracies. Again, very hard to find.

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Sad to hear that Cornell’s book is out of print, and glad I have a copy.
For Belgian beers, Jackson’s “Great Beers of Belgium” was published at least once after he passed, but I’m not sure if it is still available.

The Classic Beer Styles collection is pretty solid. I guess they’re still available?

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If you can read french, this one is the best.

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Thank you all for the replies.

It might be a challenge to find some of this books at a reasonable price, but I’ll make sure to get them if I the opportunity arises. For now I’ll get a second hand copy of “Beer Companion” I found online, since it’s general and probably noob-friendly, and probably in the future I’ll move to more country/style-specific books.

@Viper666.Qc I know too little french to tackle something like this yet I’m afraid. I understood enough however to see that it sorts beer in 20 categories according entirely to flavour. I’m not sure if that’s the apporach I’m looking for. That said, in the video preview it seems to be quite extensive when analysing each style separately. I’ll definetly remember this one.

@minutemat Thank you for introducing me to Cornell’s blog. The man can be a little caustic, but not without charm and loads of research to back up his claims. I’m having a blast with some of his research-oriented posts.