Boon Question

I wanted to crowd source an answer to a Boon question. I’ll be drinking at Max’s Belgian Fest tomorrow, and they say they are going to have a Boon Kriek Selection on tap. There is no listing in our database for it and Untappd has the following: Kriek Boon Sélection - Brouwerij Boon - Untappd

Based on the low number of entries on UT, I think it’s possible this is a new entry for us, but I didn’t want to enter it without asking first.

Description: Belgian Young and Old Imperial Lambic Blended and Aged in Oak Barrels for 6 Months with Black Cherries

Same ABV as Boon Kriek, so maybe the black cherries make the difference, if Schaerbeek cherries are in Boon Kriek