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Boon Vat 84 disappeared from site

I added this beer after having it at Grote Dorst late last year. It’s now disappeared from the site. Anyone shed light as to why, please?

I guess because there’s an almost endless amount of single barrel/foeder unblended Boon lambics which are not allowed as seperate entries on RB?

If its so it should have been registrated as an alias or if not ratable at all as unratabel.
It seems to me smtimes that some admin just delete a registration somtimes instead of changing it.

I agree aliasing is better in such a case to avoid that someone just adds the beer again (and to preserve the ratings).

Thanks for the replies. Yeah, aliasing it would have worked. Would have preserved my rating of it, too. Either way it might have been nice to have got a heads up.

the lambic adminning at the moment is not consistent at all, i have been planning to post a bigger rant, but haven’t gotten around to actually do it…

Do it!

Deleting ratings should never happen unless the rating is a fake. Even if a beer is not allowed the procedure is to message the user with the rating before things are made unrateable (or deleted).

Unless it was caused by some bug, that’s pretty shitty admin work.

I’ve had ratings seemingly disappear recently myself, but it might have been jut someone moving beers to other breweries.


Yep. Shitty is a word that I could have used. It’s a poor show, and I can’t imagine anyone will own up, either.

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