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Boon Vat 84

I added this beer after having it at Grote Dorst late last year. It’s now disappeared from the site. Anyone shed light as to why, please?

Searching the web, it only shows on untappd - not that that answers the question - but it’s interesting

Here’s a reference without details:


Yes, it was on UT already when I added it (just a handful of check ins at the time).

I’m finding it rather annoying that it’s been wiped from the database when it seems a perfectly valid addition.

Anyone? Someone removed it (and my rating).

It might have been aliased to something else and then deleted. Have you checked your Boon ratings?

Furthermore, if (!) the page works, any deletion should trigger an email containing the rating and the id of the admin who deleted it. Or is that not the case anymore?

Not checked my rates, but I certainly didn’t receive any email.

If it was aliased and the alias was deleted, it would not trigger an email.

But then again, I would not bet on this email trigger working or even being part of the page anymore.

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