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Boston Beer Company merges with Dogfish Head



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I feel like there’s maybe some hypocrisy going on here but I don’t care enough to google it.


Will they still be considered an "Independent Craft Brewer”?

Has the Brewers Association bumped up their definition of what a ‘craft’ brewery is again?


Whatever. I expect their beer is still going to be crafty and the company will still be tum by people who like beer. I do not think this will change whether or not I buy SA or DFH beer more or less than I do.

So merged means acquired? Is that how it works?

I guess they are still both “independent” by the Brewers Association.

BOSTON , May 9, 2019 /PRNewswire/ – The Boston Beer Company , Inc. … The combined company will maintain its status as an independent Craft brewery , as defined by the Brewers Association .4 hours ago

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So what do we do at RateBeer? How do we list this? Also, from Facebook

$300M for approximately 300k bbl of production, or as I like to call it, $36M more than the valuation Modern Times Beer (approx 51K bbl of production) recently gave themselves in their Wefunder ploy to take advantage of unsophisticated investors (and employees).


And I wish Jim and Sam and their new company all the best. Some people are claiming they hate them now or haven’t had their beer in ages because they suck, but I say hey, hey come on now.

These were pioneers who helped create the whole beer culture we’re enjoying now, and they’ve chosen to serve the mass market and in so doing help build and maintain the beer culture that many other breweries benefit from. Undoubtedly, some choosy retailers will remove Dogfish Head products from their offerings if they haven’t already and this just leaves more room for other artisan products. Dogfish then moves on to be an option at baseball stadia, on airplanes, and at more supermarkets around the world, alongside cheaper and just as pedestrian options from 10 Barrel, Firestone Walker, Stone, Lagunitas, Goose Island, etc.

This is a really good thing for beer.


It pretty much assures that both brewer’s products will remain in the foreseeable future even after those 2 gentleman step down. That’s a good thing in my book

Yes, merged and acquired are the same thing. Basically Sam got a seat on the board (plus SA stock) and DFH stock was liquidated as it was bought out. There needs needs to be a workable legal mechanism whereby companies can combine in a way they deem mutually beneficial. This is the mechanism they chose.


ISO: 120 Minute Triple Bock


In the cobalt blue bottles. With a cork.


Beat me too it boys; @radagast83 and @Bitterbill.


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In the UK people quite often refer to the US definition of craft beer. But I have this suspicion that the output of the larger US craft breweries exceeds the output of some of the UK ‘commercial’ breweries.

@joet - all breweries that trade their beer for cash are commercial. Suspect that this has been discussed in the past but how about Regional and Macro breweries types or such like?

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I consider Sam Adam’s still craft, I drink DFH more often, I think this merger has great potential. Don’t want to lose my quasi local Delaware ticks though.:wink:

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Never missing a chance to list some AbInbev brands alongside craft breweries :grinning::upside_down_face:

Anyway I’m not from US so have no access to either brewery. When I am over the pond couldn’t be bothered with their beers. I do have respect for what they did for beer historically. One of the first things which got me interested for US beer was documentary Beer Wars where Sam tried to explain problems small brewers are facing in US.

Reading about this merger I was a bit surprised with people thinking DFH will being some new/cool/hip image to BBC. My feeling was DFH was the thing 5 or 6,7 years ago which is a lot of time in beer world.

I highly respected Sam C before his proclamations about the RB sale, adding oil to the fire, spreading misinformation, while trying to promote himself as the craftest of all crafters.

And now this.

I still highly respect his pioneering work, but will never be able to take anything the man says or does seriously ever again, his recent actions are slimy AF. But hey, he’s loaded (even more) now, so no fucks given on his side anyway if people dislike him for any reason I guess.


Sams a douche, always has been always will be. Not Adams, Calagione!

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