Boston July 7-14

I know Boston is a great place for beer but judging by my scores, I am struggling to find stand-out Massachusetts beer. My top states are Oregon and Tennessee currently in terms of average (admittedly on a very small sample). But other than seeing what is on in Cambridge. where do I simply have to go?

MA is the capital of cloudy juicy IPA whatever you want to call them. Trillium and Treehouse are leaders in that narrow scope, so they are definitely on the list to try. Treehouse is in the middle of nowhere but the original Trillium location is right downtown (beer to go only though, no samples - good for the hotel room).

Looking at your highest rated beers though I can see that IPA doesn’t often make that list. Cambridge is a good bet for “classical” USA brewpub styles as well as sours, not my favorite though. Night Shift make good non-IPA beers, so does Jack’s Abby : JA is my top recommendation for the Boston area. Mystic is also quite good.

If you visit Trillium, next door is a rather pricey but nice restaurant called Row 34. They have good selection from around the state and neighbouring states on tap and in bottles, the selection is usually well balanced with a lot of variety. You can go in and just sit at the bar for a beer.

Thanks for the tips.
Yes, I was more a malt, stout and porter man rather than a hop man when I started, but I am willing to learn to like other things. If I can get away, Sunday I will take the train out to JA since it is so highly recommended, and Row 34 might be worth a lunch stop.
My base is over on Savin Hill and I will be using the T rather than renting a car. And working weekdays 9 till 6. So I suspect Cambridge brewpubs will see me as well. Still I am already looking forward to some excellent beer which, once upon a time, was not what an Englishman said when he headed to America [yes, I’m old enough to remember the dark times].

The Trillium pop up on the Green (right in Downtown) is also a good bet. The Canton location is also worth it but it is a trek out of the city. On top of that, there is Lamplighter in Cambridge, which is solid.