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Bot created accounts creating fake Places

@services @joet

Any chance you could finally put more security in account creation?

I’m going through New Places added for United States only, and there’s countless unique accounts (aka AssFucker01) that are bot-created and which are entering endless non-beer restaurants.

I deleted more than 300 in the last hour and I’m still only at Restaurant places newer than July 2020 for US only.

At this rate, the website will soon be known as the best site to find a Pizzeria, a Sushi Shop or Taco restaurant…but not for beers.


Anybody looking into this?

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Users can edit places. What if someone creates a bot which will edit or delete existing places? Asking for a friend.

I guess this could happen since anybody can edit places (I’m not sure if anybody can delete a place though) but less likely since those bots are advertisement placement, deleting place can’t really be monetized so unless someone really hates the website…

This could be a lot of trouble if a bot would edit existing places for ad placement however…

@services we should probably add account verification for any db writes as a priority for 2021?


Definitely, we’ve already looked into this, but there are a lot of vectors to cover.

Services @ RateBeer

|[Edit] Texas Furniture Hut Bar|Cypress, Texas|(map)|Nov 13, 2020|DraftChecker49|-|
|[Edit] Shelter Roofing and Solar Bar|Moorpark, California|(map)|Nov 13, 2020|MashTun74|-|
|[Edit] Denver Locksmith Bar|Denver, Colorado|(map)|Nov 13, 2020|PubScout71|-|
|[Edit] Denver Locksmith Bar|Denver, Colorado|(map)|Nov 13, 2020|BubbleChalice69|-|
|[Edit] Social Spice Media Bar|Camarillo, California|(map)|Nov 13, 2020|BineTasty55|
[Edit] The Law Office of Frank Ciardi Bar|Rochester, New York|(map)|Nov 12, 2020|MaltTapper52|-|
|[Edit] itssilvercreekin Bar|Elkhart, Indiana|(map)|Nov 12, 2020|AllGrainTapper53|-|
|[Edit] Star Auto Body Bar|Simi Valley, Texas|(map)|Nov 12, 2020|BeerChamp62|-|
|[Edit] Harmony Haus Sober Living Bar|Austin, Texas|(map)|Nov 12, 2020|FrothyMuse65|
|[Edit] Pizza 'n Stuff Restaurant Restaurant|Shippensburg, Pennsylvania|(map)|Nov 12, 2020|SampleRespek60|-|
|[Edit] Deer Hollow Recovery Bar|Draper, Utah|(map)|Nov 12, 2020|KegExports54|
[Edit] Maxine Botsford |Fairfield, California|(map)|Nov 12, 2020|CaskSensei149|-|
|[Edit] Cube Interactive Digital Marketing |Ajman, United Arab Emirates|(map)|Nov 12, 2020|BineLegion59|
[Edit] Subway Restaurant Destin, Florida (map) Nov 12, 2020 MeadHopper53
|[Edit] Texas Furniture Hut Bar|Katy, Texas|(map)|Nov 13, 2020|ResinousPours58
|[Edit] Spy Cell |Traverse City, Michigan|(map)|Nov 12, 2020|HopsRates43|-|
|[Edit] Smith�s Gravel Pit Bar|Sodus, New York|(map)|Nov 12, 2020|KegStave66|
|[Edit] Solar Unlimited Calabasas Bar|Calabasas, California|(map)|Nov 11, 2020|PintMaestro52|-|
|[Edit] Party Pros |Dublin, Ireland|(map)|Nov 11, 2020|YeastMeister79|

Here’s all the fake places I deleted from the last 3 days, all from fake accounts that can be deleted too. @services @joet

Here you go you have it.

Let account creations be as easy as right now so any bots can create an account but enforce a strong account verification (email verification, force username change to a real username, force add City/Country to account, captcha for the first publication) when it’s time to write something on the website (add Place, Brewer, Beer, Review, Event).

This way you still get the numbers from the new fake accounts to boost the site traffic and Membership Trend but we don’t get the trouble of deleting anything fake anymore. That’s a win-win!


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|[Edit] Orthodontic Experts of Colorado Bar| Colorado Springs, Colorado|(map)|Nov 18, 2020 |SourTapper76|-|
| [Edit] Frank’s Restaurant Restaurant| New Orleans, Louisiana|(map)|Nov 18, 2020 |CaskRates62|-|
| [Edit] Cornerstone Home Lending, Inc. Bar| Santa Barbara, California|(map)|Nov 18, 2020 |KegLiquids73|-|
| [Edit] Cornerstone Home Lending, Inc Bar| Santa Barbara, California|(map)|Nov 18, 2020 |BitterChalice70|-|
| [Edit] Fritangas Mexican Restaurant Restaurant| Silverthorne, Colorado|(map)|Nov 18, 2020 |FlightTrub44|FlightTrub44|
| [Edit] We Buy Any Vegas House. com Bar| Las Vegas, Nevada|(map)|Nov 18, 2020 |BreweryMeister159|-|
| [Edit] Smart Patio Plus Bar| Fountain Valley, California|(map)|Nov 18, 2020 |CaskTun67|-|
| [Edit] Home 4 You Bar| Fort Wayne, Indiana|(map)|Nov 18, 2020 |MaltoseAromas58|-|

Here’s today’s deleted fake places, please delete spammers as well @joet @services

These accounts have now been deleted.

Services @ RateBeer

These accounts have now been deleted.

Services @ RateBeer

todays cleaning. Pleases delete fake account @services

| [Edit] Lago Azul Mexican & Salvadorian Restaurant Restaurant|Hailey, Idaho|(map)|Nov 21, 2020 |PintRespek58|-|
| [Edit] Bamboo Thai Cuisine Restaurant|Seattle, Washington|(map)|Nov 21, 2020 |IPASensei163|-|
| [Edit] Red Rocks Denver Detox Center Bar|Morrison, Colorado|(map)|Nov 21, 2020 |BubblePupil64|-|
| [Edit] Sofia Eastern European Supermarket Grocery Store|Telford, England|(map)|Nov 21, 2020 |minutemat|-|
| [Edit] Red Rock Recovery Center Bar|Lakewood, Colorado|(map)|Nov 21, 2020 |YeastPours52|-|
| [Edit] Kaire & Heffernan, LLC Bar|Miami, Florida|(map)|Nov 21, 2020 |BubblePours53|-|
| [Edit] White House Recovery Bar|Chatsworth, California|(map)|Nov 21, 2020 |IPAChief58|-|
| [Edit] True North Movers Bar|London, Ontario|(map)|Nov 21, 2020 |KegChalice45|-|
| [Edit] Heartwood House Detox Bar|San Rafael, California|(map)|Nov 21, 2020 |IPAChamp60|-|
| [Edit] Rockets Feed Restaurant|Schertz, Texas|(map)|Nov 21, 2020 |BitterLiquids50|-|
| [Edit] Local Group Brewing Brewpub|Houston, Texas|(map)|Nov 21, 2020 |AllGrainScout68|AllGrainScout68|
| [Edit] Medical Massage by Samantha Bar|Los Angeles, California|(map)|Nov 20, 2020 |HopsTamer157|-|
| [Edit] Medical Massage by Samantha Bar|Los Angeles, California|(map)|Nov 20, 2020 |HopsTamer157|-|
| [Edit] Medical Massage by Samantha Bar|Los Angeles, California|(map)|Nov 20, 2020 |HopsTamer157|-|
| [Edit] Be Structured Technology Group, Inc. Bar|Los Angeles, California|(map)|Nov 20, 2020 |PellicleStave58|-|
| [Edit] Sotirios Food Products Grocery Store|West Sacramento, California|(map)|Nov 20, 2020 |FlightAromas50|FlightAromas50|
| [Edit] Law Office Of Shane R. Kadlec Bar|Houston, Texas|(map)|Nov 20, 2020 |BeerPours53|-|
| [Edit] Brennan Defense Bar|Sacramento, California|(map)|Nov 20, 2020 |TrappistChief53|-|
| [Edit] Promising Outlook Bar|Riverside, California|(map)|Nov 20, 2020 |BubbleSensei49|-|
| [Edit] Kihoskh Store|Copenhagen V, Denmark|(map)|Nov 19, 2020 |LagerTun64|-|
| [Edit] Mint and Olives Restaurant|Seattle, Washington|(map)|Nov 19, 2020 |SourTaps48|-|
| [Edit] Sports Pizza By Kio Restaurant|Levittown, Pennsylvania|(map)|Nov 19, 2020 |IPAChecker51|IPAChecker51|
| [Edit] brandcraft Bar|Patiala, India|(map)|Nov 19, 2020 |LagerChalice66|-|
|[Edit] Golden Road Recovery Bar|Chatsworth, California|(map)|Nov 19, 2020 |BreweryForever77|-|
| [Edit] Chick-Fil-A Restaurant|Wilkes-Barre Township, Pennsylvania|(map)|Nov 19, 2020 |BeerMaestro61|-|
| [Edit] Aadvanced Aair Bar|Dublin, Ohio|(map)|Nov 19, 2020 |kevinmullinsoh|-|
| [Edit] Aadvanced Aair Bar|Dublin, Ohio|(map)|Nov 19, 2020 |kevinmullinsoh|-|
| [Edit] Channel Islands Rehab Bar|Oxnard, California|(map)|Nov 19, 2020 |MaltoseTeam60|-|
| [Edit] Dentist 77027 |Houston, Texas|(map)|Nov 19, 2020 |SourRespek52|SourRespek52|
| [Edit] Advantage Homebuyers of VA Bar|Norfolk, Virginia|(map)|Nov 19, 2020 |BeerLees60|-|
| [Edit] Weichert Realtors, Corwin & Associates Bar|New Braunfels, Texas|(map)|Nov 19, 2020 |WortTun59|-|
| [Edit] Eggs Media Bar|Toronto, Ontario|(map)|Nov 19, 2020 |MaltoseTeam59|-|
[Edit] Environmental Management Technologies, Inc Bar|San Bernardino, California|(map)|Nov 19, 2020 |BrewRates60|-|
| [Edit] Custom Wine Packaging Brewery|Burleson, Texas|(map)|Nov 19, 2020 |TrappistMonger62|-|
|[Edit] Channel Islands Rehab Bar|Oxnard, California|(map)|Nov 19, 2020 |MaltoseTeam60|-|
| [Edit] Advantage Homebuyers of VA Bar|Norfolk, Virginia|(map)|Nov 19, 2020 |BeerLees60|-|

This account has over 10,000 ratings… hmm… not going to delete this one just yet.

These are all deleted except for the one with over 10,000 ratings.

I’ve always suspected that @minutemat was a bot.


??? @Viper666.Qc

@minutemat I take this might have been a legitimate entry?


Good to know… apologies that it was deleted by @Viper666.Qc

Feel free to add it again if possible.

Services @ RateBeer

Ok, not sure what seemed suspicious about the shop. A one second google search / street view will reveal the shop exists.

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