Botanical Ale - Rateable?

Would this be ratable. Brewed botanically so does it count as beer? It’s fermented so guess so?

Just read through the site and I’m still confused. They can’t seem to make their mind up about it what it is, a type of ale or a type of wine.

The fact they’re calling it an “ale” on the label, and also referring to it as “premium beer” in the title leads me to believe it is actually beer, the only difference being they used leaves instead of hops. So I’d say it’s rateable yeah.

Sophisticated Premium Beer for Men & Women

An ideal alternative to beer for men and wine for women

Sad to see sexism still perpetuated like this :roll_eyes:
What a stupid comment for them to make. Nobody gives a fuck what gender you are and what you choose to drink.

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Nowhere on their site do they deny the use of barley/wheat. The botanicals are simply touted as the be all/end all. And in one illustration it is strongly implied that barley/wheat is fermented. I’d suggest the place to rate them is under Traditional Ale.

Traditional Ale
A catch-all category used to classify ancient or resurrected styles of antiquity that are appearing more in brewing today. Heather ale%2C spruce beer%2C sorghum beer%2C gruit%2C and beers like Adam%2C Russian Kvass and Midas Touch are all included in this category. These ales will vary tremendously in character from one another. Many are unhopped%2C strength can vary%2C but all are a glimpse into brewing%u2019s past.

Ah you beat me to it, literally just noticed that diagram.
Also I didn’t catch at first that “hops” and “leaves” are separately written, implying both are used.

So really it is just normal beer, infused with leaves and other things too.

The guy that runs it is South African so could have been worse!

I was thinking of adding it as a Trad Ale.

Binary is just beer with the hop leaves added as well as the flowers. So the question is how do they think that beer is “an alternative to beer?”

Advertising to justify a high price? I’ll go with that!

I tried it yesterday but then bought a bottle of Yellowbelly. The guy serving me pointed out that I could have bought two 750ml bottles of the Binary for the same price as the 330ml of Yellowbelly. I think it’s more that they’re trying to target middle class diners, rather than beer enthusiasts. Wasn’t too bad, though.